Digital Newspaper Reading Room

Subotica, January 25, 2008 – Citizens of Subotica will be provided with an opportunity to use and browse digital documentation of dailies and weeklies in Serbia for free in the City Library of that town. The documentation of the interesting title “Current Archive” contains nearly one million newspaper articles dating from early 2003 until 48 hours before, as defined upon print media copyright regulations, and includes around 15 dailies and weeklies published at the territory of Serbia and selected articles from major local weeklies.

All interested Subotica citizens can use this documentation within a project of Media Documentation Ebart, financially supported by the Telenor Foundation.
In addition to the City Library of Subotica, the project covers another 19 libraries in Serbia, as a result of Ebart and the Telenor Foundation’s wish to make this type of public service available to as many citizens as possible. Launched in August 2007, this one-year project initially focused on coaching librarians in using and browsing the comprehensive database, accessed through Ebart’s Web site
Divided in 12 search categories, the archive is fully searchable and updated with 1,000 new articles on average every day. Beside the “Search per section” category, which contains all dailies and weeklies in the period of one year, it includes another 11 search categories adjusted to specific needs and tailored upon clear and precise criteria. One of the categories is “Search per town”, where citizens can read articles on various areas of life in their town.
Media Documentation Ebart launched the programme of free networking of libraries in Serbia with this newspaper archive in 2005/2006, in cooperation with the National Library of Serbia and supported by the Ministry of Culture of Serbia, when this type of public service was provided for libraries within the National Library of Serbia in 24 municipalities and towns of Serbia.