Digital Media Reading Room

Šabac, October 23, 2007 - The largest digital media documentation in Serbia, with almost a million newspaper articles from daily and weekly press, starting from the beginning of 2003, is now available to the public in Šabac at the City Library.

During the following year, the citizens of Šabac will have access to the “Current Archive”, provided by Ebart Media Documentation, containing complete editions of some fifteen daily and weekly newspapers published throughout Serbia, as well as chosen articles from largest local newspapers. The archive can be accessed through Ebart’s website

The oldest archived article dates back to January 3, 2003, and the latest ones are 48 hours old, as required by print media copyrights. The archive is classified according to 12 parameters and is fully searchable, with an average of 1,000 new articles added daily. In addition to “According to Section” search, which contains all the articles for a given year, there are 11 other searches adapted to different user needs and designed according to clear and understandable criteria. These include “According to Location” search, where the public can follow what is being published about different aspects of life in their town.

Journalists has shown a great deal of interest for the features and search options of the Ebart's media archive.
The program for providing free library access to the Ebart Media Documentation archive was started in 2005/2006, in cooperation with the National Library of Serbia (NBS) and with support from the Serbian Ministry of Culture. At the time, this public service was made available to central NBS libraries in 24 municipalities and towns in Serbia.

The continuation of the program, which aims to bring this service to the broadest public, was this time made possible by the Telenor Foundation, and 20 libraries were selected based on NBS (National Library of Serbia) recommendations. The project started in August, when employees at the Šabac library were trained to use and search this extensive database.

Ebart’s is the country’s only electronic press archive accessible through the Internet. It is used by several dozen media, international and local groups and institutions, nongovernmental organizations, political parties, businesses and individuals. In 2005 Ebart also launched the first online video archive of primetime news on the country’s leading TV stations. It is specialized in various media analyses, and it has been involved in numerous project related to minorities, judiciary reform, media professionalization, etc.