Curved Samsung Galaxy Note Edge in Telenor

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the first curved Samsung device of revolutionary design, will be available to Telenor customers on sale as of next Monday, February 2. Everyone wanting to buy this device can pre-order already today over the website:
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge provides customers with totally new way to access information, and the unique design offers possibility to survey notifications and access frequently used applications, with just one click even when the phone is in its case, or has a video on the display. In this way, a customer can work undisturbed, because he receives all information on the right side of the display, which he can personalise according to his taste. Its slightly curved right edge expands user’s own creative space and creates a feeling of infinite screen.
Similar to previous models, the display of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is also Quad HD Super Amoled, size 5.6'', which optimizes internet contents, as well as e-books and e-magazines. The front camera of 3.7 MP and the rear one of 16 MP, shoot clear and bright images. The S pen, characteristic for new Note devices, enables also on Edge model, a full manipulation of contents and expression of own creativity giving a feeling of a real pen. You can half charge your battery in only 30 minutes, while Ultra Power Saving Mode will additionally help your battery last longer.
All Telenor customers can experience the full potential of this smartphone model thanks to the capacities and speed of the Smart Network and its advanced functions will make happy mostly those who use it primarily for work.
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, as all smartphone models from rich Telenor portfolio, you can buy in 24 monthly instalments, interest-free, with 30 percent discount on monthly subscription and a possibility of changing the device and package whenever you want.
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