Computers and internet at the Children’s ward of the rehabilitation hospital “Dr Miroslav Zotović”

Children with disabilities that are undergoing longer treatment at the Rehabilitation Clinic “Dr Miroslav Zotović” will be able to follow the curriculum and spend their free time browsing interesting contents on the Internet, thanks to Telenor Foundation.
The hospital in Sokobanjska Street, which was today presented with 15 computers and provided with free internet access, is the third in a row which the Foundation has equipped within the project “Stay in the Loop”.
“A special and important segment of the Hospital’s work is the work with children with disabilities. At the annual level we conduct about 4,500 outpatient examinations and have 220 stationary stays of children, spending a total of 13,500 hospital days. Among them, there are also 15 elementary school children, on average. Now, apart from following the instruction according to the special and regular curriculum and programme of the elementary school “Dr Dragan Hercog”, they have a possibility, with the application of digital technologies and in an interactive way to follow the school programme and have all the information at the same time as their peers in the school”, says Chief Physician Med. PhD Željko Kanjuh, acting director of the Rehabilitation Clinic “Dr Miroslav Zotović”.
On average, between 18,500 and 20,000 outpatient examinations are conducted and some 2,500 patients undergo inpatient treatment and rehabilitation in this hospital. Out of that number, altogether one fourth of examined patients are children. This specialised institution has 290 hospital beds for both treatment and rehabilitation and 20 beds for persons accompanying them.
“With the project ‘Be in the Loop’ we have provided 42 computers in total and free Internet access for children undergoing longer or shorter treatment so that with the help of digital communications they will have equal access to education and information. We will continue to initiate and support projects offering effective and sustainable solutions for development in Serbia”, says Milica Begenišić, Manager of Telenor Foundation.  
Children will also have access to “SuperŠkola” programme, Internet classroom which contains more than 700 lessons in the Serbian language, mathematics, physics and chemistry that will help them catch up with the subject matter they have missed. This educational portal also includes lectures, experiments and explanations to help children master the teaching material from the fifth to the eighth grade of elementary school more easily.
Ever since its beginnings, back in 2007, Telenor Foundation engaged in more than 350 partnerships. Through the Foundation, Telenor is investing in Serbia and remains committed to the goal of enabling Internet access to the largest possible number of citizens in Serbia.