Change of roaming traffic prices

May 9, 2009 – As of tomorrow new prices will apply to Telenor users for roaming services. The zone system in which one price is valid for each zone remains unchanged, thus significantly simplifying the use of tariffs and cost planning.

Postpaid users will be paying incoming calls in the first zone three dinars/minute more and prepaid users two dinars/minute more. Outgoing calls for all users in the first and second zone will cost 5 dinar more, and in the third they will go up by 10 dinars/minute. SMS for all users will be 2 dinars higher in the first and second zone, and 3 dinars more in the third zone. Prices within GPRS traffic remain unchanged.

As of now all Telenor users within Promonte network in Montenegro will be paying incoming calls 8 din/min. Telenor users will be paying outgoing calls to all networks in Serbia and Montenegro and SMS messages to all destinations at promotional price of 14 din/min, whereas one SMS will cost 8 din (VAT and mobile phone tax not included in the price).

The promotion can be activated by sending a SMS reading “Promonte“ to number 7724 or over USSD menu *111#, submenu Tariff add-on, option Promonte roaming. Activation by SMS is possible only from our network, whereas activation over USSD menu is possible from roaming too. Activations are completely free of charge.
The same price for all networks in one country will apply to Telenor roaming. In other words, this means that wherever they might find themselves Telenor users do not have to worry about the network they are using and can always have the strongest signal.
Prepaid users can save up to three times if, instead of making a direct call they should type the code *123* and then the desired phone number and #.