Belgrade has got one more location on the sound map

The Association of the Citizens “The Communication Point” and Telenor Foundation continue the project of mapping and protection of the social history of Belgrade by the Sound Map of Savamala

5th of December 2013 – The city quarter of Savamala has got its location on the Belgrade Sound Map – web site and application for smart devices by which it is possible to listen to the most interesting stories about this city settlement.
Thanking to the project Sound Map of Savamala (, the modern technologies are used in order to create and strengthen the connection between the younger citizens of this part of the city, who are more adept to use information technologies, and the elder population, who wanted to prevent the stories about Savamala from being forgotten. For tourists, the sound map is a unique opportunity to be introduced with the everyday life and rich history of one city unit.
The citizens of Belgrade gave their contribution to the project by bringing their old photos, retelling family and personal stories, and also by suggesting the new places and interlocutors, who could be also found on the Belgrade Sound Map.

“All the stories entirely represent knowledge and experience of people who either live or work here, and who talk about the things of the common, local or personal significance. In such way, they examine their personal view of history and modern environment, but also, through the tools of new media, this is an attempt to transfer knowledge to younger generations about the people, events and places which make cultural heritage of one city unit, like Savamala”, said Virdžinija Đeković from the Association of Citizens “The Communication Point”.
By virtual walk through some of the most pictoresque locations in Belgrade, we indicate the big significance of this kind of cultural heritage. The project, whose aim is to promote narration and narrative history, is continued a year after the web site of Sound Map of Dorćol ( has been launched.
“By using modern communication technologies, we create educative and entertaining programs for youth, we support creativity of the youth in area of modern cultural and artistic production, and the most important – we prevent the social history from being forgotten”, said Marija Vujanić, Corporative Communiations Manager of the Telenor Company.
The Sound Map of Belgrade Project was initiated by the Association of the Citizens “The Communication Point” in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, City Secretariat of Culture of the City of Belgrade and the Telenor Foundation. A great contribution was given by the Goethe Institute, through the project Urban Incubator Belgrade - Model for Savamala, Mikser festival, UK Parobrod, Savamala Society and many other key factors of public life.