Belgrade gets new green oasis by Danube river

In Supernatural Park, at Ada Huja, 700 seedlings planted on more than 500 square meters of space
April 13, 2013 – In Supernatural Park at Ada Huja, on approximately 500 square meters of space, the Telenor Garden has been created with more than 700 plants and benches for visitors, owing to cooperation between Telenor company, Supernatural movement, the Municipality of Palilula and Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the City of Belgrade.
“It has been a long time now since environmental protection became an integral part of everyday business in our company. By setting an example with our work we would like to draw attention to this highly important issue. With campaigns like this one, we would like to motivate our staff and all citizens to learn more and preserve nature. We are proud of the fact that after the park near Nebojša Tower, together with our partners, we will create another green corner in Belgrade,” said Telenor Chief Communications and Human Resource Officer Sandra Štajner.
“Supernatural Park, new name for the tip of Ada Huja, we established in cooperation with the Municipality of Palilula, with support and coordination of the City of Belgrade. During the past year, a construction waste landfill was transformed into a centre for environmental protection, education and culture, now available to citizens who want to spend time outdoors and enjoy the Danube River. Cooperation with companies that have environmental protection as a strategic goal in their sustainable business is especially important for revitalisation of Ada Huja’s eco system. The Telenor Garden we have created today as a single section within Supernatural Park, is a great contribution to establishment of lasting greenery in Belgrade, explained Supernatural movement founder Srđan Stanković.
Today’s campaign, organised to create new garden in Supernatural park at Ada Huja, is an example of satisfying cooperation between the public, the business and the NGO sector. Revitalisation of the tip of Ada Huja was launched by end 2011, and we have so far succeeded to recuperate parts of what used to be exuberant vegetation with an aim to continue to add to greenery and create a green oasis at the Danube River, Palulila Municipality President Stojan Nikolić concluded.
In the garden situated very close to the Danube River bank, within eco workshops, the attendees had an opportunity to make music instruments out of packaging in everyday use, observe birds, residents of Ada Huja, and hear suggestions on how can a person positively affect environment.
Composer and conductor of the Čarolija Children Choir Leontina, representatives of the Municipality of Palilula, Telenor’s staff, Supernatural’s team and Telenor’s business partners planted first seedlings at Ada Huja.
Owing to Telenor company and partners, Belgrade also got the park near Nebojsa Tower in April 2011.