"A clear commitment"

February 12, 2008 - On 11 February, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Telenor addressed a clear message to the world's leading mobile operations; the industry needs to join ranks to prevent the spreading of child sexual abuse content through mobile phones.

The leadership summit at the Mobile World Congress is the most exclusive part of the event. This is where the top executives meet and share ideas about the industry and look for common ground as they address joint challenges. 
At this year's summit Telenor CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas was invited to speak on a subject which is both sensitive and urgent, child sexual abuse material distributed through mobile Internet. The GSMA has launched its "Mobile Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Content".
Telenor CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas speaks at the leadership summit at the Mobile World Congress
Effective mechanisms to combat online child sexual abuse
"It is within our power to put in place mechanisms that can significantly reduce the extent of this problem. Telenor is fully committed to the Alliance and together with our partners we will make every effort to combat online child sexual abuse.
We have to admit that this is a problem that we share a responsibility for addressing. It is a growing problem both with respect to size and severity," said Baksaas.
Safe services for all consumers
As the number of mobile Internet users grows it will be a shared challenge to keep services safe for all consumers. That involves taking a stand against those seeking to consume, distribute or profit from child sexual abuse content. 
Police and NGO figures show that the amount of such available material is growing at an alarmingly fast rate. 
Alliance launched to implement filtering technology
The Mobile Alliance was launched at a press conference staged by the GSMA on Monday 11 February. Executive Vice President Morten Karlsen Sørby represented Telenor relating our story from the Norwegian market focusing on the success of the filter. Alongside Karlsen Sørby were executives from Orange and Vodafone as well as European Commissioner for ICT, Vivane Reding.
As part of the Alliance, operators commit themselves to implement filtering technology at their global operations. 
Telenor a pioneer in protecting the interest of children on the Internet
In 2004, Telenor introduced a child sexual abuse filter for fixed-line Internet, and in 2005 this was extended to also encompass mobile terminals. This is fully in line with Telenor's commitment to provide safe products and protect the most vulnerable in our society. 
Partnership with Save the Children to develop safe solutions
We have a long-standing partnership with Save the Children, with the aim of raising the awareness of the potential pitfalls of the Internet, and to develop safe solutions. The child sexual abuse filter is fully aligned with such services as Kidsurf and Magic Desktop, which aim to make the Internet safe for children. 
The industry will not accept misuse of its services
Through this initiative, the industry is sending a strong message that it will not accept misuse of its services by child sexual abuse offenders. 
The aim of the alliance is to ensure that the following measures are implemented by all member operators:
  • Support and promote "hotline" mechanisms for customers to report child sexual abuse content discovered on the Internet or on mobile services 
  • Implement Notice and Take Down (NTD) processes to enable the removal of child sexual abuse content posted on their own services 
  • Implement technical mechanisms to prevent access to URIs identified by an appropriate agency as hosting child sexual abuse content