17 more days until the Olympic Games

Serbian Olympic athletes have granted accreditations to journalists who will follow them in London whereas Telenor grants minutes, text messages and the Internet to communicate from London
July 12, 2012 – Seventeen more days until the Olympic Games, the Serbian Olympic Committee and Telenor, the general sponsor of the Serbian Olympic Committee, have organized another socialising of Olympic athletes who will represent our country in London with media representatives. The aim of this socialising is to additionally support and promote athletes and bring them closer to the public.
Swimmers Miroslava Najdanovski, Čaba Silađi and Radovan Siljevski, kayaker Marko Novaković, Jasna Šekarić, a sport shooter and a national team member, cyclists Ivan Stević and Gabor Kasa and track and field decathlon athlete Mihail Dudaš granted accreditations to journalists who will follow them at the Olympic Games. After that, Serbian Olympic athletes discussed final preparations and expectations in London, as well as the ways to gather additional energy for the biggest sports competition in the planet.
The socializing was attended by the Serbian Olympic Committee president Vlade Divac and HR Sector Executive Director Maja Nibel on behalf Telenor, who wished them a happy trip and good results in London with another token of support to Olympic athletes.
“It is very important to function as a single team in London, which means that journalists and athletes should cooperate and invest efforts to present Serbia in the best possible light. These kinds of socializing events and gatherings are very important for journalists and Olympic athletes to get to know each other better. That is why I would like to thank Telenor, the Serbian Olympic Committee’s general sponsor, which supported this activity and the way to additionally promote Serbian Olympic athletes,” the president of the Serbian Olympic Committee Vlade Divac explained.  
Apart from granting smart phones and special tariff plans to all members of the Olympic team, Telenor has prepared additional surprise in the form of RSD30,000 for talks, text messages and the Internet, in order to enable and facilitate quality communication from London.

Maja Neable, CHRO, Telenor Serbia
Serbian Olympians with Maja Neable, CHRO in Telenor and Vlade Divac, president of OCS
Acredited journalists
The London Serbian Mission’s Head Prof Branislav Jevtić, PhD talked about final preparations with the journalists.
“In comparison with the Beijing Games where we participated with 92 athletes in 11 sport disciplines, 115 athletes in as many as 15 disciplines will represent us in London. At this moment, final administrative and technical preparations for a departure to the London Games are underway and everything is advancing according to the plan,” Jevtić explains.
Miroslava Najdanovski, Čaba Silađi and Radovan Siljevski joined the Olympic team in the last 10 days.