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    More efficient work of roma healthcare mediators

    The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, UNICEF Serbia, and Telenor expand their partnership with a view to improve the health and social status of Roma families

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    Telenor Serbia customers first to experience 4G roaming in Montenegro

    Telenor Serbia is the first operator to enable the customers use 4G network in roaming, in Montenegro. In this way, the users can enjoy in up to six times faster surfing with unlimited Internet, if they choose the Daily or Weekly Card.

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    Free internet for WhatsApp in Telenor

    Skaters from Bor – Toda, Mare, Mekica and Vlatko are the heroes of the new Telenor campaign

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    Hassle-free roaming with Telenor

    More than percent of Telenor’s postpaid customers have recognized our TravelSure roaming plans as the best way to be in full control of roaming charges and talk or surf the Web at affordable rates.

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    Internet for all: Connecting people and investing in development of digital society

    During 2014, Telenor and Telenor Foundation, together with 48 partners from public and civil sector, successfully initiated and supported 28 new projects. By providing Internet access, as part of strategic ambition “Internet for All”, Telenor and Telenor Foundation have encouraged its more massive use and contributed to the growth of IT literacy and development of digital platforms in education, health and ecology.

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    Computer equipment and Telenor Internet for the Mionica high school

    “Mionica” high school got the Telenor Internet coverage and its student’s possibility to surf faster and better within the “Internet for All” project of Telenor Foundation. On this occasion, Telenor managers, together with Ove Fredheim, CEO, installed ten computers, three projectors, and Wi-Fi routers.

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    Telenor Serbia financial results for Q1 2015

    Telenor Serbia revenues in the first quarter of 2015 amounted to RSD 10.5 billion, continuing the company’s positive YoY development and exhibiting an increase of 6% compared with the first quarter in 2014. The subscriptions base is 3.2 million users, which is a 1.9% increase compared with the same period last year.

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    Telenor START: summer internship for young adults

    Telenor invites young adults to submit applications for its Start summer internship by May 29. The internship is a month-long program designed for final-year students studying for a Bachelor's or Master's degree at any university in Serbia, as well as for graduates with no previous work experience.

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    Free Internet surfing in Telenor Smart Network

    Postpaid customers who, as of today, chose one of the many 4G phones from Telenor’s offering will get extra data, in addition to already existing data within their tariff plans. They will receive an additional 1 GB every month until the year ends so that they can experience all of the advantages of Telenor Smart Network, including 4G, which enables up to six times faster data transfer, faster downloads, searching and streaming.

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    As of today, the latest models of Samsung phones - SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 Edge and SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 can be bought in white, black and gold colours in Telenor shops. These devices support the 4G signal, so that their owners will be able to use the full potential of these models in the Smart Network.

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    To Tokio by bike

    Dragan Šibalić, who two days ago started on a journey to Tokyo by bike, will keep awake all those who are following his 20,000 kilometres long journey over social networks. Two days ago, Šibalić started from his home town Kraljevo and this morning also visited company Telenor in Belgrade, which is providing him with support during his journey.

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    For the first time in Serbia Telenor introduced Internet traffic accessible from two numbers

    For the first time on the Serbian market Telenor has introduced a possibility of using a common Internet traffic quota for two numbers within the new promotion “Telenor Više”.

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    Telenor customers are the first in Serbia who are able to preorder via web shop the latest models of Samsung mobile handsets - SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 and SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 Edge. The handsets will be available in white, black and gold colour, and 200 quickest buyers will get a wireless Samsung charger as a gift.

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    Earth Hour 2015

    This, seventh year in a row, Telenor is joining the global campaign “Earth Hour”, which will be held on Saturday, March 28 starting from 20:30 h. During that hour all lights in the HQ building in Belgrade will be turned off, as well as in shops all over Serbia.

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    Telenor customers first to experience 4G network in Serbia

    Telenor released 4G signal and, as of today, Telenor postpaid customers are the first to use 4G network with their tariff packages. At this moment, 4G network covers areas of Belgrade, Subotica city centre, Kopaonik and Zlatibor. In the upcoming period, Telenor will cover areas of Niš and Novi Sad and continue with Belgrade coverage expansion. Roll-out of 4G will be delivered in phases, first in urban and, later in rural areas, depending on the customers' needs.