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    Save in roaming with Telenor TravelSure tariff

    All Telenor postpaid users and subscribers to the “Prenesi i dopuni“ and “Kombinuj“ tariff plans who activate the TravelSure option can use new roaming prices as of January 01, 2012. TravelSure has only two zones – Europe (including Turkey) and the rest of the world (including Russia). This service is tailored for users who travel a lot and make long phone calls.

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    Telenor wins the VIRTUS award for long-term partnership between business and non-profit sector

    Telenor has been awarded this year’s winner of the VIRTUS Award for long-term partnership between the business and non-profit sector, at a ceremony organized in the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia.

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    Biggest device offer in Telenor New Year's store in front of Ušće Shopping Mall

    Nine producers of mobile devices will exhibit their products in the largest Telenor store at the Balkans in front of the Ušće Shopping Center. On more than 250 square metres, 100 plus phones, tablets and laptops of Huawei, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Sonim, and Alcatel will be exhibited.

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    Free calls all year long for postpaid subscribers and popular services at RSD 1 for prepaid ones

    Telenor postpaid subscribers now have at disposal the widest offer of mobile devices, including more than 100 models of leading global producers. Telenor grants special surprises in the form of free calls within Telenor network until the end of 2012 and a New Year’s present to all customers who buy any handset.

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    Opening of the new redesigned Telenor store in Bulevar kralja Aleksandra

    The new redesigned Telenor store, providing users with an option of testing all product groups from Telenor’s vast portfolio at the spot, will be opened on December 01 at 09.00am in 174 Bulevara Kralja Aleksandra. The first 100 customers will get gifts, and all visitors can have coffee and tea during the whole day.

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    Unlimited offer for students

    Within its special offer for students, Telenor provides unlimited surfing in Telenor’s new Smart Network within the “Surfuj 10GB student“ package. For all students between 18 and 27, the “Surfuj 10GB“ package with unlimited Internet is available at a RSD200 discount on a monthly subscription fee. Instead of the RSD1190 subscription fee, students pay RSD990 a month, and get a data transfer modem at RSD1.

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    New Telenor store opens in Kragujevac

    Telenor’s new store Mercator Roda in Kragujevac (48a Save Kovačevića Street) offers a modern layout design to users, and the first 100 visitors who become postpaid subscribers will get special gifts. The store layout is divided per type of offer and products, and all devices from Telenor’s portfolio – phones, tablets and laptops – can be tested on the spot.

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    Telenor fixed network for business customers

    Main advantages of Telenor Primar service are tariff interval and prices of fixed service traffic.

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    Telenor opens renovated regional centre in Novi Sad

    Telenor opened its renovated regional centre in Novi Sad today, thereby continuing with investments in Vojvodina. Vojvodina is the first region in Serbia with fully renovated Telenor network. The Regional Centre includes sectors for technical support and sales.

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    Strategic partnership between the national theatre and the Telenor foundation established

    Owing to strategic cooperation between the National Theatre and the Telenor Foundation, one of the most prominent cultural institutions in Serbia is now available to persons with disabilities. One of the objectives of this partnership is also the promotion of artists and theatre professionals, who are not on stage and under lights, but are equally important.

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    Financial results for Q3 2011

    Telenor Serbia recorded revenues of RSD 10.247 billion in the third quarter of this year, or nearly 11% more than in the same period in 2010.

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    Telenor sponsors eight serbian athletes in preparations for Olympic games

    As of today, Telenor sponsors eights athletes in individual sports in preparations for the Olympic Games: sport shooters Jasna Šekarić, Zorana Arunović and Damir Mikec, swimmers Ivan Lenđer and Velimir Stjepanović, taekwondoist Milica Mandić, rower Goran Jagar and kayaker Nikolina Moldovan.

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    Discount for purchasing books via PlatiMo service

    All books purchased at via the PlatiMo service during the Book Fair will be cheaper by 30%, owing to Telenor.

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    Announcement for the BlackBerry users

    Due to a regional problem in functioning of the BlackBerry service, you can expect brief delays in the coming hours. BlackBerry support teams are engaged on eliminating the problem. We expect the service to start functioning soon. We apologize for any potential inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and patience.

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    New Telenor pilot store opens in Old Merkator

    The pilot shop in Old Merkator will welcome customers with its new modern design, clearly divided by types of offers and products, where they can explore all devices from Telenor’s offer – phones, tablets and laptops - on the spot. All the existing shops across Serbia will be redesigned and new ones opened following the preliminary design and layout solutions applied here.