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    Telenor granted 50 Samsung I7500 Galaxy phones

    Samsung I7500 Galaxy with Android™ platform will be tested for free by 50 registered applicants who provide the closest answer to a question posted at Telenor test portal

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    Samsung Jet, the fastest operating phone on the market in Telenor's offer

    Currently the fastest operating at the market, Samsung Jet is added to Telenor’s offer as of today. It primarily targets businesspeople who need fast mobile communication out of office. It is appealing to all other users because of an option of checking Yahoo and Gmail accounts through it.

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    "RSD 0.10 per Minute" at "My Menu 111" Service

    All Telenor prepaid subscribers who choose the “RSD0.10 per Minute” promotion as of today can activate it through the “My Menu 111” service, by dialing toll-free *111#. Offers are adjusted to individual needs of subscribers.

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    We are hereby informing the users that although the tax for mobile phone use is shown in the bill, it will be borne by Telenor in cases of SIM card replacement.

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    Internet can address critical concerns facing Serbia today - Towards a Connected World

    By 2020, provision and usage of the Internet could contribute 5.2% of total GDP in Serbia, generate 94,000 new jobs, and boost government revenues by RSD 54 billion. Provided the right conditions, 81% of households and 95% of businesses in Serbia could have at least one Internet subscription within ten years time.

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    Telenor continues cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Serbia

    Today Telenor has renewed its general sponsorship of all activities of the Serbian Olympic Committee and the Olympic team which will represent Serbia at all important sports events in the next three years, Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010 and the jubilee 30th Summer Games in London in 2012.

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    First Issue Of Telenor’s Magazine Published - First “Contact” With Readers Established

    The first issue of “Kontakt”, free of charge customer magazine, providing all the information on Telenor services and the latest news and stories from everyday life in Serbia, is available to all Telenor subscribers and interested citizens as of today.

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    Sixth Belgrade Internet Park Opened - Free Telenor Internet On The Kalemegdan Fortress As Well

    The largest city park got access to the free Telenor Internet, as a result of cooperation of Telenor and the Public Enterprise “Belgrade Fortress“. This is the sixth Internet park in Belgrade, opened after the park near Vuk’s Monument, Spring Park, Skatepark, Park in Student Campus, and Students’ Park.

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    The Only One In The Region – Madonna’s New Song “Celebration” For Clients Of Telenor Only

    Telenor’s clients are the only clients in Serbia who can download the new Madonna’s song “Celebration” and the song of the British band Muse “Uprising”, as a part of Telenor Music and Telenor Music with No Limit.

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    Long-Awaited Platform In Telenor’s Offer - Samsung I7500 Galaxy with Android™ platform

    Telenor’s offer for postpaid subscribers has been improved with the latest smartphone, Samsung I7500 Galaxy with Android platform. Upon purchasing a phone with Android platform, new subscribers also get five gigabytes of free Internet traffic a month.

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    Murals In Vračar Municipality Presented As Well

    Murals of modern Serbian artists Biljana Đurđević and Vladimir Perić decorate buildings in Vracar municipality, 57 Milesevska Street and 42 Makenzijeva Street, as of today. These two murals mark the completion of the “Super Wall” project, implemented by the BELEF, the Telenor Foundation, the Contemporary Art Platform KIOSK, and Vracar, Savski venac and Stari grad municipalities.

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    New Telenor Internet package "Same Price"

    Cost control, the same price each month and a top-up option are the main features of a new Telenor Internet postpaid package “Same Price”. After free 5 gigabytes of traffic are used up, subscribers can recharge their credit with Telenor prepaid Internet top-ups – Small (50 megabytes), Medium (250 megabytes) and Big (1 gigabyte), as well as with a standard top-up for prepaid numbers. The price of the “Same Price” package is RSD 1,480 taxes included.

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    Three murals presented in Savski venac and Stari grad mnicipalities

    Three murals, painted by the most renowned street art authors, Blue, Valerio Berruti and M-City, decorate buildings of the capital in Savski venac and Stari grad municipalities as of today. The remaining two murals, produced by Serbian modern artists Biljana Đurđević and Vladimir Perić and painted in Vračar municipality within the “Super Wall” project, will be presented next week.

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    Free Telenor Internet in Studentski park

    In the next two years, visitors of the Student Park can use the Telenor Internet for free. This is the fifth Internet Park opened in Belgrade, after the park near Vuk’s Monument, Spring Park, Skatepark, and the Park in the Student Campus.

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    Change in initial credit for prepaid subscribers and 300 minutes bonus

    As of July 31, all new Telenor prepaid subscribers will have an initial credit of RSD50 upon number activation, and the first phone top-up of RSD300 at a minimum provides additional 300 minutes in Telenor network for next 30 days, regardless of the top-up amount. A prepaid pack retail price remains unchanged.