Travel Carefree with Telenor TravelSure

June 30, 2016 – If you are a Telenor customer, you need not worry about unforeseen call and data costs while roaming this summer. With Telenor TravelSure, you will have total control over your data spending and save considerably on calling costs.
Always online and always in control of your data consumption while roaming

TravelSure enables you to choose between two roaming tariff plans with daily quotas of 10 MB or 50 MB, while services are charged by two zones: Europe (excluding Russia) and the rest of the world. One special benefit is the total control over data costs while roaming, since the plan contains daily data quotas so as to be sure your bills won’t go through the roof!

TravelSure tariff plans are easy to activate – all it takes is sending a free message with the text “TS10” or “TS50” to 9000, or in the My Telenor app.

Roaming in Montenegro – Talk for an hour for 7 dinars

Telenor customers in Montenegro enjoy more favorable plans than other customers in the market. The price of incoming calls is merely 7 dinars, which means that you can talk for up to an hour at this rate. Outgoing calls towards Telenor Serbia and Telenor Montenegro are charged 10 dinars per minute.

Furthermore, you can buy an unlimited number of Daily and Weekly cards. The Daily card costs 199 dinars and expires in 24 hours, while the Weekly card can be purchased for 999 dinars and used for 7 days. They include free outgoing calls towards Telenor Serbia and Telenor Montenegro, free incoming calls from all networks, and unlimited internet access.

Even lower roaming rates in the region

The roaming plans entering into force on the 1st of July have been reduced further compared with last year, pursuant to the agreement between the regulatory bodies of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Outgoing calls are charged 35.5 dinars per minute (without VAT), incoming calls 10.4 dinars, messages 11.9 dinars, while 1 kb of data is charged 0.065 dinars.

TravelSure add-ons – More data, more fun

TravelSure users can save even more while staying in European countries by activating one of the TravelSure add-ons. The TravelSure MB Plus add-on includes 100 MB of data at 1.599 dinars and the possibility to save up to 5 times more compared with the standard roaming plan.
Telenor is the only operator in the market offering its customers the widest range of possibilities to combine different roaming plans and independently create the rates that suit them best, especially while travelling through several countries in different roaming zones. More than 50% of Telenor postpaid customers recognized TravelSure as the best tool for calls and surfing the Web while travelling.