Telenor has the biggest mobile internet network

Belgrade, February 20, 2017. – Result of the latest report of the Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal services shows that more than a half of the mobile internet traffic went through Telenor network. Out of 11.5 million GB in Q3 of 2016, more than 5.9 million GB was used by Telenor customers. 

“Network quality, alongside coverage and speed, also encompasses consistent experience that customers have every day. Today, internet is used not only for surfing, but also for music and video content streaming. To confirm that, 8.5 million GB went through Telenor network last year, only for watching clips on YouTube. That amount of data is equivalent to all Star War movies watched 75000 times“ says Kai Gulbrandsen, Telenor Srbija CTO.  

Telenor has covered whole Serbia with fast internet, and this year it stays focused on further 4G network development. In next five months, Telenor will enable fastest internet for 80 percent of the population with 1600 4G base stations.

“With total of over 4500 base stations, each having 3G and 4G technology, we are proud that Telenor is the biggest mobile internet network that enables our customers with access to internet anytime, anywhere. We are building the network for the future, while we provide consistent quality wherever they are’’ adds Kai Gulbrandsen.  

According to the latest CISCO report, mobile data traffic at the global level has grown 18-fold over the past 5 years. Most of that was traffic used for video streaming which accounted for 60 percent of the total traffic in 2016. Majority of the traffic went through 4G network – 69 percent, event tough 4G share in total connections was 26 percent. It is estimated that by the 2021, more than half of the connections will be on 4G, where more than three-quarters of the total mobile traffic will be generated.