Telenor Family – solution for family communication

According to a study conducted by Telenor, families are the largest group of mobile users in Serbia. More than 70% of the population lives in families with three or more members and, according to UNICEF data, 94% of primary school pupils and 99% of secondary school students in Serbia have mobile phones. The users believe that the bulk of calls and text messages are exchanged between family members.

In order to respond to the needs of families, Telenor introduced “Telenor Family” offer. Family members can now connect their individual tariff plans in groups of three, four, or five and get unlimited calls and text messages between each other, 30%, 40%, or 50% more minutes, SMSs, and megabytes as part of their individual tariff plans. Furthermore, they get the possibility to send mobile data to other members of their group.

“We provide our customers who decide to bring their family members to Telenor, with simple solutions and innovative services that improve and facilitate communication. For the first time on the Serbian market, customers will have the option to send mobile data between themselves in a very simple way – through the My Telenor app, My Telenor portal, or by SMS. As we move forward we will be adding new services and apps to this plan,” says Slobodan Papak, Consumer Postpaid Segment Expert at Telenor Serbia.

A research conducted in 2015 on the influence of new technologies on families showed that most families believe that mobile phones allowed them to communicate more frequently, get to know each other better and organize their obligations and activities during the week more easily. While families discuss important matters during family lunches or family time, mobile phones are used for practical things and daily arrangements.Interestingly, fathers prefer talking, while mothers and kids rather text each other. Teenagers are the biggest users of mobile Internet, enjoying the possibilities it offers not only for communicating with each other, but also for having fun and entertaining themselves.

“Telenor Family” responds to the different needs of each member of the family, enabling them to always stay in touch, as well as to enjoy all the benefits of reliable and fast mobile Internet and the Telenor network.

Inviting family members to join “Telenor Family” has been made simple through the My Telenor app, My Telenor portal or by SMS, as well as by visiting any of Telenor’s shops. Once they join a “Telenor Family” group, customers can still purchase mobile phones within their own tariff plans. “Telenor Family” costs 150 dinars a month on top of each individual tariff plan. The group may be activated by both existing and new postpaid users.