Telenor Botanical Challenge at Stražilovo

Belgrade, October 2, 2017 - Telenor Foundation provided Stražilovo Botanical Garden with funds for 38 new plant species and supported the development of the Telenor Botanical Challenge application. Through the cooperation with Stražilovo Mountaineering and Skiing Society (MSS), all visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the world of plants surrounding them, as well as the importance of protecting and preserving natural resources.

“One of the goals of Telenor Foundation is to educate young people by using digital services, and in Telenor Botanical Challenge application we managed to combine the two aspects. We also provided free Wi-Fi to visitors of Stražilovo, so that everyone has equal opportunity to enjoy the game and improve their knowledge of the rich flora of the botanical garden,” said Milica Begenišić, Manager of the Telenor Foundation.

At Stražilovo Botanical Garden, special plaques are used to mark fifty, predominantly woody plants originating from Europe and other parts of the world. The android application features a map of the botanical garden showing the location of the marked trees. Visitors are tasked to find the given species by navigating through the park, answering questions and competing with other visitors.

“Idea is to use an interesting and innovative way and exploit digital solutions and activities in the nature to enable visitors to Stražilovo, and above all children, to learn more about the natural surroundings in the protected areas, their importance and need for their protection and preservation. The game, which combines orienteering skills, physical activity and learning skills, should enhance the educational content that Stražilovo MMS has been offering for years”, President of MSS Stražilovo Sremski Karlovci stated.  

Partner in this project - Stražilovo Mountaineering and Skiing Society from Sremski Karlovci has a long tradition and is focused on promoting the importance of an active lifestyle and spending time in nature. Stražilovo Botanical Garden is the first botanical garden in Fruška Gora National Park and through its activities contributes to the protection of the mountain’s biodiversity.