Supreme tango on ice

Documentary from a series #mladiheroji

On her way to become a top athlete, although she can train only six months a year. Nothing can stop or prevent her to be always one step ahead of everyone else. Leona Rogić is just 15 years old and has already participated in the Artistic Skating World Championship. She told us how she made it all possible, in a film Tango Lady which you can see, within the series #mladiheroji, on Telenor Youtube channel.

She achieved a miracle

Seven years ago, instead athletics, Leona chose artistic skating.

“Ever since she took up this sport, we have been trying in all possible ways to put the ice before her. She started with three months on ice in Subotica, and now has six months of ice in Belgrade. And she succeeded in getting to the World Championship. That is a miracle for us”, says Jelena Rogić, Leona’s mother. 

The only one in Serbia doing triple jump


Leona is the only skater in Serbia who can do a triple jump and all other jumps top rank skaters do. “She is exceptionally gifted and capable and has very strong character. She raised the bar for everyone else,” says her coach, Milica Stanković.


Leona, also a student of Secondary Medical School in Belgrade, invests much time and effort in skating. Every day she gets up at 6h to go to training, leaves for school, where she stays till lunch, after which she goes for her afternoon training. After training she studies and then goes to sleep. She doesn’t have much free time, but has a dream – one day, when she turns 21, to participate in the Olympic Games.


Through the series #mladiheroji, Telenor is supporting young people who committedly work, move borders, constantly learn and develop so as to achieve their dreams. Share the story about the main protagonist of the movie Tango lady so as to inspire others to break free and try to achieve what seems impossible.