Partnership between Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia and Telenor

Telenor network in service of heroes of our time

The Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia (MRS) and Telenor Serbia have embarked on an official long-term partnership in order to make the most of what connects them – communication. By providing  top-quality network services and high-speed internet access anywhere cell phone coverage is available, Telenor will join forces with the MRS in order to improve the security and the quality of life of people across Serbia, all the while relying on reliable communications.
While quality and reliability of communication are the MRS’s top priorities that allow  them to help in critical situations, Telenor has been enabling Serbian citizens to enjoy all the benefits of connectivity for the last ten years through its services and the internet.
 “Our network and its reliability are the main reasons that encourage people to choose Telenor as their operator. We are glad the MRS recognized it, since it has been using our numbers in their rescue operations for the last ten years. Communication is at the core of their activities, an indestructible thread that binds us. We believe that this partnership is yet another way to support society as a whole, and especially those that need our support the most,” says Pjer Vučković, Technology Strategy and Planning Director at Telenor.
In addition to contributing to the advancement of society, modern technologies, the internet, and the development of digital services significantly facilitate the work of services such as the MRS. Maps are downloaded on smart phones, locations are quickly found, and communication is fast – regardless of the user’s whereabouts.

“When deciding on a network for communicating, security, stability, and speed are always key. Our main tasks are to save human lives and to react as quickly as possible. For that we need communication. Modern technologies have made our job considerably easier, for example, we can get information from the ground online and quickly locate persons who need our help. That is why cooperation with Telenor will enable us to do our job more quickly and effectively,” says Miloš Borenović, a rescue worker at the MRS.
The MRS of Serbia was founded in 1952 by seasoned alpinists. Today, it has 250 active rescuers and more than 1,000 volunteers throughout Serbia. MRS members are all volunteers since the organization is non-profit. The MRS is a strategic partner of the Serbian Interior Ministry’s Emergencies Department in rescue missions in hard-to-access areas. Their passion and dedication to their job give birth to stories where MRS members are the true heroes of our time.