Interactive dictionary and applications for learning mathematics and English language in 10 elementary schools in Serbia


Thanks to Telenor Foundation, first graders will learn with educational state-of-the-art technologies 

Belgrade, March 31, 2017 – Telenor Foundation, in cooperation with the civic association “Jerena’s Town” (Jerenin grad), has provided interactive dictionaries, applications for learning mathematics and English language, interactive boards and tablets for 10 elementary schools in Serbia. 
“New technologies and digital solutions significantly promote the quality of education and, at the same time, make instructions more fun. We believe that this project will contribute to bringing the digital literacy to students and promote the importance and role of digital communications in raising the education level”, stated Milica Begenišić, Telenor Foundation Manager.  


The first graders will learn using the state-of-the-art technologies and digital pens for printouts, which enable the full development of grahpomotor skills, same as they would write in paper notebooks. Different tests have shown that work with applications keeps the attention of students for longer periods and stimulates interaction at classes. The project envisages equipping 10 elementary schools and providing them with licences for the use of applications till the end of this and the whole next school year.

Interactive dictionary is many-times awarded system for learning languages, developed in full cooperation with the Faculty of Philology and Teachers’ College. It combines game-like application and touch sensitive devices, so that the children would get to know letters of the alphabet and remember them more easily. The system gathers and analyses data and provides insight into each child’s progress. Pre-school teachers were actively involved in the project from its earliest stages. 

“On behalf of the company COPRIX media, which developed these applications, I would like to thank Telenor Foundation, which has supported this project. The idea with which Vladimir Koprić and I started company COPRIX was to modernise and raise the level of education of children in Serbia from the early age”, said Marko Marinković, one of COPRIX founders. 

Interactive applications are already used in over 100 schools in Serbia, and the schools that will get the equipment and licence, thanks to Telenor Foundation, are the following:

“Sava Šumanović”, Zemun

"Mihailo Petrovic Alas", Belgrade, Stari Grad Municipality

“Sveti Sava”, Batočina

“Vuk Karadžić”, Krivaja (Bačka Topola)

“Milan Mijalković”, Jagodina

“Učitelj Tasa”, Niš

“Sveti Sava”, Kikinda

“Bora Lazić”, Vlaška (Mladenovac)

“Vuk Karadžić” Žitkovac (Aleksinac)

"Dragiša Luković-Španac", Kragujevac