Are we ready for 5G?

At today's test Telenor achieved a mobile internet speed of 1 Gbps – the highest speed achieved in Serbia. The demonstration provided an insight into the future of mobile telephony and the fifth-generation network. The speed of 1 Gbps was shown on a test device since there is no mobile phone at the moment that can support this speed. The maximum speed that mobile phones can now support is 450 Mbps. It is expected that 5G network will be commercially used as of 2020.


“At Telenor, we are building a network for the future. At this stage, we cover all towns with more than 10,000 population with 4G network, and with further investments, when all legal prerequisites have been fulfilled, we will be ready for the next-generation network. It will provide much more than staggering speeds – it will enable further development of supporting industries and start a whole new era of interconnected devices,” said Kai Guldbrandsen, Chief Technology Officer of Telenor Serbia.

Historical development of mobile telephony shows that there is a ten-year cycle between two generations. However, the accelerated technological development has emphasised the tendency to shorten that period. According to Gartner, over 5.5 million new devices connect to the global network every day. In the next four years, this number will reach 20.8 billion, which will require the networks to increase their capacity in order to support the growing number of devices that connect via SIM cards. Therefore, now is the time to start the development of 5G network and plan future investments.

In addition to high speed and capacity, 5G mobile network will have a very low latency, which will be one of the preconditions for the development of innovative technologies such as remote surgeries or driving. Automotive, energy, e-health, production and entertainment industries are expected to benefit the most from the new generation network.

The new generation of mobile telephony is still in the standardization phase, while Europe has started working on an action plan to deploy 5G technology by 2020. In the USA the Federal Communications Commission approved a spectrum for mobile services that imply the use of the 5G network this July.

Telenor Serbia is continuously working on the development of mobile telephony and digital services that are offered to customers. In March this year 4G Advanced Network was rolled out on the territory of Novi Beograd. This network achieves even faster downloads and data transfers than the existing ones.