Application for children with communications difficulties

Valjevo, May 20, 2017  – According to the data of health institutions in Serbia, 60 percent of preschool children have mild pathological state registered, and every third child starts school with some kind of developmental problem. In order to change these statistics and improve the work of institutions for children with developmental disabilities, three special-ed teachers designed and, with the support of Telenor Foundation, made an application “Easy with Marko” (Lako sa Markom). It is intended for children with communication difficulties such as autism, cerebral palsy, aphasia and developmental diffusion.


Authors and professors in the elementary school “Miloje Pavlović”, with years-long experience in this area, Aleksandra Bukovica, Jelena Mitić and Snežana Medić, presented their work at the professional gathering “Topicalities in the education and rehabilitation of persons with developmental disabilities” in Valjevo. 


“Children with developmental difficulties positively react to contents which they watch on mobile phones, tablets or similar devices. Having this fact in mind, through five situation stories within the application, we wanted to help them in their daily duties and make it easier to find their way around with personal hygiene, use of transportation, going to a park and doctor or a birthday party”, explains Aleksandra Bukovica, Principal of the school and one of the application authors.


Each topic was shown in four pictures, which enable children to browse the sequence of events, as well as communication following that event.


“New technologies and digital solution contribute to raising the quality of life and education of persons with communications difficulties. Creating equal opportunities for all lies constitute the foundation of our operations and we are doing it by supporting and making solutions, such as this application, available to the largest possible number of citizens”, points out Milica Begenišić, Manager of Telenor Foundation.