WhatsApp Terms of Use

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Brief Description of Service

WhatsApp Messenger is a multi-platform mobile application (hereinafter: Service) allowing the customers to exchange text messages. WhatsApp Messenger is available for Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia mobile devices and allows the customers who activated the Service to exchange text messages irrespective of the type of device they own.
In addition to sending text messages, the Service customers may create groups and share an unlimited number of photos and audio messages as well as video content. WhatsApp calls (WhatsApp VoIP) are not included in the free internet traffic.
Telenor will provide all its customers, natural persons on the territory of Serbia (hereinafter: Customers) the possibility of use of the Service at no additional charge for Internet use. In other words, the Customers will be allocated Internet traffic for the use of the Service at the moment of its activation.
Calls via WhatsApp (WhatsApp VoIP) are not included in the free and unlimited Internet traffic for this service.

Conditions of Use

  • In order for the Customer to access the Service, he must have an active Internet connection;
  • Prior to registration to the Service, the Customers will be informed about the conditions of use of the Service;
  • Roaming Internet traffic will not be ensured and will be charged as per effective tariff;
  • Internet traffic may be activated irrespective of the tariff package used, provided Internet traffic is enabled;
  • The Service activation Price is set down in the Price List. For the Price List see www.telenor.rs  for Customers of Telenor Serbia;
  • The Service will be active in Serbia as of 10 June 2014;
  • Customers will be able to activate the service over application and web portal Moj Telenor;
  • Telenor shall not be responsible for any charging of Internet traffic should the Customer use any channel of access without prior proper activation of Service;
  • Internet traffic includes continued flow of data traffic required for active use of the Service;
  • Telenor shall reserve the right to temporary partial or full interruption or reduction of quality of use of the Service due to removal of breakdowns, maintenance and construction or overload of the use of the Service;
  • When the user is accessing the Service through another network (Wi-Fi, ADSL, mobile data other provider, cable Internet...), Telenor shall not ensure additional Internet traffic for this service;
  • Telenor may contact the Customer with respect to activation, registration of Service and provision of information about it;

Service Activation

The first activation of Service is free of charge as a tariff add-on for prepaid customers. The Service may be used in the period of 30 days from the date of activation, whereafter it will be charged 95 dinars per month. Activated add-on is automatically renewed each month. The user can unsubscribe at any time from the service by sending the message STOP WA to 9000.
All changes and conditions of use of the Service will be published on www.telenor.rs
WhatsApp digital service is available to all postpaid customers in the tariff add-on Social networks.

Application Download

The Customers of Telenor Serbia will be enabled to download the application for use of the Service on the application 111 and the Telenor portal.
Download application traffic shall be charged in accordance with the rules of the package used by the Customer.
Responsibility and Use of WhatsApp Application:

  • All the data and information published on the Service are the exclusive responsibility of WhatsApp Inc, which is the owner of the application WhatsApp;
  • Telenor Ltd. shall not disclose any information about its Customers to the company WhatsApp Inc.
  • The conditions of use of the application are available at the web portal of the owner of application http://www.whatsapp.com. At the time of activation of the Service, the user shall agree to them;
  • Telenor shall be held responsible only for the Internet traffic for accessing the application;
  • The owner of the application shall be solely responsible for the functioning of the application;
  • The Customer shall be solely responsible for the data exchanged by him via the Service;
  • Telenor shall not be held responsible for collection of traffic in case of changes to the configuration of the WhatsApp application, which are within the competence of the owner of application.