Twitter Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

  • In order to access Twitter service, customers must have active Internet connection;
  • Prior to registration for Twitter service, customers will be informed about the terms of use of the service at Twitter site:;
  • Roaming Internet traffic shall not be provided and it shall be charged according to the valid tariff;
  • Internet Internet traffic can be activated regardless of the tariff package used if Internet traffic is enabled;
  • The price of the service activation is regulated by the Pricelist available at the site  for customers of Telenor Serbia;
  • The service will be activated in Serbia as of December 8, 2014;
  • Customers will be able to activate the service over application and web portal Moj Telenor;
  • Telenor shall not bear consequences in case Internet traffic is charged for, if a customer uses any form of access without having previously correctly activated the service;
  • If you are abandoning Twitter environment, Internet traffic shall be charged according to the standard tariff.
  • Internet traffic implies continuous throughput of data traffic necessary for active use of the service;
  • Telenor retains the right to temporarily or completely cancel or lower the quality of the service use due to elimination of failures, maintenance and construction or overload of the service use;
  • If a customer accesses the service via another network (Wi.Fi, ADSL, mobile data of another provider, cable Internet...) Telenor shall not provide additional Internet traffic for this service;
  • Telenor may contact customers concerning service activation, registration and provision of information about it.

Responsibility and use of Twitter service:

The sole responsibility for any additional information published on Twitter is born by Twitter Company which is the owner of Twitter service;
Telenor d.o.o. shall not provide any information on its customers to Twitter Company; Terms of use of Twitter service, including the application are offered at the portal of the service owner, at , so customers are obliged to accept them while activating it;
Telenor is responsible solely for Internet traffic for the access to the service;
The owner is fully responsible for the operation of the service;
Data exchanged by customers via the service are solely the responsibility of customers;
Telenor shall not answer if traffic is charged due to any configuration changes introduced by Twitter service and/or application which come solely within the competence of their owner.