Facebook Terms of Use

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Brief service description

Facebook All is a service which implies FB browser, Messenger, as well as a multi-platform mobile application (hereinafter referred to as: Service) which enables users access to social network Facebook. Facebook Messenger is available on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone devices and enables the users who have activated this service, to send each other messages irrespective of the device they have.

Telenor will provide its users, physical persons, on the territory of Serbia (hereinafter referred to as: customers) with a possibility to be rid of worries about additional Internet charges for the use of this Service, in other words, when activating the service, the customers will have assigned Internet traffic for its use.

Note: If you are leaving Facebook community, i.e. are opening other internet links, the internet traffic will be charged under the standard Price List of the package you are using.

Terms of Use

The customer must have active internet connection in order to access the service;

  • Before registering for the service, customers will be informed with the terms of using the service on the Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/policies;
  • Roaming internet traffic will not be provided and will be charged at valid tariffs;
  • Internet traffic can be activated irrespective of the tariff package that is being used, if internet traffic is enabled;
  • The price of service activations is regulated by the Price List, provided at the site www.telenor.rs for customers of Telenor Serbia;
  • The service will be active from September 03, 2014 in Serbia;
  • Customers will be able to activate the service for free over application and web portal Moj Telenor;
  • Telenor shall not be liable if the internet traffic is charged, if the customer is using any form of access, without having previously properly activating the service;
  • If you are leaving Facebook community, internet traffic will be charged at standard tariffs;
  • Internet traffic implies continued traffic of data throughput required for active use of the service;
  • Telenor reserves the right to temporarily partially or fully suspend or lower the quality of service use due to failures, maintenance and construction or overload in the service use;
  • If the customer is accessing the service over another network (Wi-Fi, ADSL, other provider’s mobile data, cable internet...), Telenor will not provide additional internet traffic for this service;
  • Telenor can contact the customer regarding the service activation, registration and for providing data about it.

Service for new prepaid customers

Tariff add-on

The activation of Facebook add-on via Moj Telenor application and portal is free of charge, and the Facebook service can be used in the period of 30 days from the activation date, after the expiry of which a customer may re-activate free FB via portal and application.
If Facebook add-on is activated via USSD and SMS channels, the first activation is free of charge for prepaid customers, and Facebook service can be used in the period of 30 days after the activation date, following which it shall be charged 100 RSD with included tax.

Responsibility and use of the Facebook service:
  • Company Facebook Inc., which is the owner of Facebook service (browser, FB messenger, FB application) shall be solely responsible for all data and information published on the Facebook;
  • Telenor d.o.o. shall not provide any information on its users to company Facebook Inc.;
  • Terms of using the Facebook All service, including the application, are provided at service owner’s portal http://www.facebook.com/, so that when activating it the user has the obligation to agree with them;
  • Telenor shall be responsible only for internet traffic required for access to the service;
  • The owner shall be fully responsible for the service functioning;
  • Data the user is exchanging over this service shall be the sole responsibility of the owner;
  • Telenor shall not be responsible for charging the traffic in case of configuration changes on the Facebook service page, i.e. application, which are the under the exclusive competence of their owners.