E-bill Terms of Use

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By activating the service of receiving Telenor bill only by e-mail you choose to receive no-hard copy bill. This service is available to all private customers with individual contracts.


In case of ownership transfer, the new owner should again activate the service of having the bill sent by electronic means. The impossibility to access one’s personal computer, i.e. the electronic version of Telenor bill, which has been sent to the specified e-mail address, shall not postpone the obligation to pay the bill within the period it falls due.


It’s impossible to deactivate the sending of electronic version of monthly bills in the same month in which the registration has been made. In case the service is deactivated during the month, the hard copy bill will be delivered as of the next one. The service cannot be activated, i.e. deactivated from the last day of the month up to the 4th day of the following one.


Conditions for electronic payment:

  • You can pay bills for subscription for physical persons over the internet without commission with on-line transactions.
  • The following pay cards may be used: VisaCard, MasterCard and Maestro.
  • After the payment is made, the specification of the paid e-bill and its amount cannot be changed.
  • After the payment is collected, it shall not possible to cancel the payment of the selected bill and stop the charged amount.
  • A customer may address all complaints regarding paid e-bill to e-mail address webshop@telenor.rs.  
  • Telenor Serbia fully renounces any liability for damages that may be caused to a customer and/or third parties due to unauthorised or unpermitted use of the pay card, i.e. any misuse thereof (stolen pay card, use of pay card without the owner’s knowledge, etc.). In such a case Telenor Serbia shall not refund the paid amount.
  • Telenor Serbia shall not be liable for the interruption of internet connection or inaccessibility of pay card processors.
  • Telenor Serbia shall, in line with the valid legal regulations, undertake all available measures so as to protect the User data, as well as data on the effected e-bill payment. The provided data shall be considered business secret and shall be accessible only to employees to whom they are necessary for performing the job. Telenor Serbia shall not use the provided customer data for delivering its own and/or third parties’ advertising information, except when the customers gives his/her explicit agreement for that. All data on the pay card shall be exchanged encrypted directly between the customer and the bank’s pay card processors, and the bank shall guarantee and ensure their safety, i.e. data secrecy.
  • When the data on the pay card are entered, confidential information are transferred over the public network in an encrypted form using SSL protocol and PKI system, as currently the state-of-the-art technologies.
  • The pay card processor shall guarantee the data safety at purchases.
  • For Visa, MasterCard and Maestro the processor is Banca Intesa ad Belgrade, so that the complete charging process is done on the bank’s pages. Data on the pay card shall at no moment be available to Telenor Serbia’s system, so that consequently, Telenor Serbia shall not be responsible for their misuse.”