Coverage Map

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Find here below a map of coverage by Telenor signal. The map changes depending on the type of signal you have selected to survey.
Users of individual versions of Internet Explorer and Opera web browsers can encounter problems when downloading the coverage in Google maps. Higher "zoom" can spoil the visibility of signal coverage map.
* Indoor – reliable and good quality of signal for calls, messages, Internet and e-mail indoors.
** Outdoor - reliable and good quality of signal for calls, messages, Internet and e-mail outdoors. There is a possibility of difficulties in implementing mobile services indoors depending on external influences (walls, installations, radiations, etc.).

Maps are based on the projections of outdoor coverage and do not fully guarantee coverage by signal at a given location. The signal quality can be undermined as a result of impact of surroundings and nearby buildings.

Telenor Interactive map uses Google maps as a background. By entering the name of the city, settlement, street or building in the search field, you will get results contained in the Google data base. If a street is not registered in Google maps, the system shall not be able to find it on Telenor interactive map. We recommend to users to type the name of the city or settlement, and then find the street directly on the map. The names of locations in its database Google sometimes kept only in the Cyrillic alphabet, and therefore the system sometimes can not find a site inscribed in Latin.