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General Terms on Providing and Using Services in Public Mobile Communications Network of Telenor d.o.o. Belgrade

General Terms lay down conditions for using services of Telenor Belgrade d.o.o. by physical persons, entrepreneurs and legal persons. General Terms shall be binding for both Telenor and all Users and shall apply to all their mutual contract relations, except if agreed differently by Telenor and the User in a contract.
Parts of these General Terms contained in individual chapters or articles, whose heading indicates that they relate to a special group of services or special group of Users, shall apply only to a specified group.
These General Terms shall apply to all services that Telenor is authorised to provide to Users based on its Licence No.2 of August 31, 2006 granted by the Republican Electronic Communications Agency and have been adopted and published based on the Licence rights and obligations.
These General Terms entered into force on December 9th, 2015.
Download General Terms (PDF file).