Telenor Good news, edition 7


Dear readers,

Before we set out together to new victories, we will take this opportunity to wish you all the best in the New Year. We hope that you will achieve all your business objectives in it and acquire even more knowledge that will help you in that exploit.
As always, in the year ahead young talents will be in our focus, which is why it’s a great pleasure to support, for a second time in a row, the project of the American Chamber of Commerce “AmChamps – Young Leaders in Change”. This one-year programme offers final year University undergraduates and young managers a possibility to acquire practical knowledge, skills and experience, which they can apply in their careers. The new generation of AmChamps leaders has been introduced and, through mentorship programmes, they will develop on personal and business plan, and the best among them will have their try in the practical work in Telenor. We are inviting you to follow them over AmChamps Facebook page and take advantage of the next opportunity to apply and show what you know and can. Maybe you will cross swords with the best and most talented in the country and become the next young leader in change.
We are proud of having many young and gifted colleagues in our ranks and want to introduce them to you. In this issue of Telenor “Good News” you will meet the December employee of the month – Uroš Zorić. He started his career during senior internship model, and, today, as Customer Experience Specialist, together with colleagues from the Business team, is doing everything so as to make the communications of our customers easier so that all the services and products would be simple, accessible and clear.

If you included in your New Year’s resolutions a selection of your future profession or want to change the job, we advise you to pay attention to the text on STEM professions which are in increasingly high demand. These jobs are directly linked to science, technology, engineering and mathematics and their expansion is best seen in the fact that the most developed countries of the world are basing their education strategies on trends in STEM fields.
We also want to inform you of our OnBoarding programme, which makes it possible for new colleagues to better get to know their surroundings, work organisation, corporate culture, most important processes and procedures in Telenor.
Don’t forget to regularly visit our LinkedIn profile over which you can always learn the company-related news, as well as get informed about new job ads and openings. Naturally, take advantage of the opportunity to ask us what interests you– send us an e-mail to
Ivana Trifunović,
HR Director  

Proffesions of the future

How to choose future profession: Listen to yourself and discover fields of work you are particularly interested in

Current and future students in Serbia are faced with an important turning point in their lives − selection of future profession. Most of them have some vague idea about the direction in which their future professional development would go. Advice they get from their surroundings often direct them to the fields of information technologies, as a safe choice for future career. However, professions that are experiencing greatest expansion on the global level do not imply only information technologies.  

For several years now, a clear stress has been placed on the professions we can subsume under the acronym STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), i.e. professions that are directly related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. For decades now, these fields are experiencing great expansion and make it possible for individuals, who specialise in these, with their endeavours to have outstanding careers and a chance to make a breakthrough. The most advanced countries of the world base their educational strategies on the trends in STEM fields.   
 However, there remains a question, why should, through their education, secondary school graduates in Serbia opt for one of STEM profession? Except for potential earnings, which are much higher compared to possible salary in other occupational fields, and by following a slogan “nothing succeeds as success”, those employed in STEM fields get a chance to cooperate with exceptional individuals and to personally advance professionally. Their jobs are dynamic, imply adjustment to daily innovations and require constant learning.
Company Telenor, as the best employer in Serbia, is following global trends in professions it particularly values. If we take a look at open job ads, which are constantly advertised, a trend of      demand for experts in STEM fields is evident: IT and Data analysts, information security analysts, software developers, technology infrastructure engineers, customer insight analysts, digital technology experts, as well as many other occupations. Apart from desirable skills that are acquired through education in STEM fields, an individual must be ready and want to adopt new knowledge from the field of his specialisation as well as inquisitive mind that will make him proactively adopt information in the fields of his professional interest. In other words, important is the motivation to engage in a specific profession, which is not primarily conditioned by material aspects or prestige, but follows from the personality of the individual in question, and is part of his identity.
Our advice to young and ambitious individuals, who are selecting their future profession – listen attentively to yourself and your interests, establish which field of work you are keen on. In the times of information technologies we are living in, the knowledge you have is a kind of currency, so take care of it, nurturing your interests. Use alternative channels so as to improve your own knowledge: follow the individual you are professionally admiring over eConferences, YouTube channel or blog. Find a virtual community which shares similar interests as you and share the knowledge you have. Take up online training in the fields that you find attractive (e.g. Coursera, ...). Follow you progress, present your ideas with self-confidence and you will certainly be noticed.

Working with Telenor from the perspective of the User Experience Specialists

Uroš Zorić is User Experience Specialist, in Telenor Consumer Marketing Department. His first contact with Telenor was senior model internship. “My team is engaged in online services, such as online shops, customer portals and applications. My job is to make sure that that the users have easy usage of online channels, and that they are readily available,” says Uroš. 

OnBoarding in Telenor: Programme of acquainting new arrivals with the way of work and surroundings

We agree that the first impression a new employee leaves on an employer is very important, but equally so is the impression the company leaves on a new colleagues and that can be one of the longest lasting memories from the work place.
“Is my tie ok and did I pick the right shirt colour? Who are my new colleagues? How will I score on new work assignments?” are just some of the questions new employees ask themselves. In order to avoid this starting discomfort and make the period of fitting in the new work environment as pleasant as possible, there is an OnBoarding programme in Telenor. Friendly and dynamic surroundings, cordiality at welcoming a new employee, employment benefits, but also clear expectations from work are the backbone of our OnBoarding programme.


From the moment the future employee accepts the job offer starts the process of him getting acquainted with and fitting into the new work environment. OnBoarding programme is initiated by HR Learning and Development Team, by introducing each new employee to his Buddy, a colleague who is already a part of Telenor team. Buddy will welcome the new colleague on his first work day and give him support on the new working position. For us, who have been working in the company for some time now, knowing the organisation and responsibility system for different activities, is a part of daily life, but for a new employee, that learning process can be long and not very pleasant, especially if he has to go through it alone. In this is, under no circumstances, an easy game of studying and learning, a Buddy will extend help to the new arrival by showing him where to find resources he needs for work or by giving him a useful advice – how to find a parking place or where to have a warm soup. A helpful Buddy will try to answer all new employees’ questions. If he doesn’t know the answer to some of them, he will know who the right person who could help is in that specific case.   
Each business segment in Telenor is accompanied by modern systems, which enable us to keep up to date with telecommunication industry in a simple and creative way and for our business operations to function well. In order to prepare new employees for new work assignments and channel them towards such tasks, in the first days Human Resources and Technology Teams will provide required resources for work and access to different applications they will use daily.
Welcome messages and getting informed with the corporate contents over company media cannot be omitted, as they provide our new colleagues with the big picture of our organisation, both locally and globally, in the context of other BUs, which are part of Telenor Group. In the first month, going through Telenor OnBoarding programme, the new employee will get “Telenor in miniature”, which will be quite sufficient for him to have a peak in our business and continue to explore on his own. Within OnBoarding programme, in a specialised workshop, new colleagues get to know about the organisation, corporate culture, as well as the most important company processes and procedures. During group activities and discussion, we encourage all participants to exchange their business experiences, observations or challenges they face in their work.
That is the moment when the Telenor Learning and Development Team endeavours to answer all questions of the new employees. Part of this workshop is also a visit to Customer Care Centre and Technical Centre, where developments on the network in the whole region are monitored. These visits are often extremely interesting and followed by numerous questions on the work of Areas, the colleagues do not often get a chance to cooperate with. One of the purposes of this workshop, apart from learning about the organisation, is for the participants to create their own networks of acquaintances for future business assignments.
And, in conclusion, we would like to send a message to our new colleagues – that workshop means only a formal ending of the OnBoarding programme in Telenor. But, the real journey through Telenor starts only with the execution of business assignments and challenges you will encounter, as well as with the application of acquired knowledge which, if you want, you can constantly build further.

Welcome to Telenor!