4 reasons to join our team


Creative environment

Do you need silence for work or do you prefer open space? How about socializing with your colleagues during lunch or coffee breaks in fancy kitchen areas available on every floor? You can choose the surrounding that fits you the most at any particular moment.


Opportunities for learning and development

Use the opportunity to learn something new everyday. Share your experience and ideas with more than 30.000 colleagues from 13 different countries through Facebook's platform Workspace or simply through chats with inspiring colleagues in the office!


Innovative products - inspiring projects

If you want to enjoy working on challenging projects, activities related to online banking or digital services will be real treat for you .


Yes, it's possible!

Perks of being Telenor employee: attractive smartphone and bicycle that you can rent, great vacation pay for organizing the holiday time off, and the doctor within the premises and much, much more! If you think that's enough for wanting to become part of our team, you will have more than those reasons to love your job if you join us!


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