Ethics and Compliance

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Our 160 years of accumulated experience within telecommunications, coupled with a pioneering spirit and a quest for knowledge and growth, has brought Telenor to our current position – a major international communications company.

Our success is a result of our ability to provide services that are valuable to our customers. We have set ambitious goals and met them through consistent high performance, with high ethical standards as the basis for our business all around the world. Our culture has become a competitive advantage that is hard to copy.


Today, we are an important part of our customers’ lives, and their communities. With this position comes responsibility. As we move forward, it will become increasingly important to stay relevant to our customers, delivering what is most important for them. We must continue to build a strong and strategically relevant culture across all our Telenor markets. And we must continue to conduct ourselves in a transparent and responsible way, as the basis for our long-term success.

We have defined a strong platform for future growth, summarised in the strategy and the Telenor Way. Our strategy explains what our ambitions are and the enablers to deliver it. The Telenor Way defines our aspirations and sets the standard for how we do business.

Our Code of Conduct is an important part of the Telenor Way and defines the ethical standards for how we all conduct our business and act as responsible and accountable representatives of Telenor. It guides us through our day-to-day dilemmas and is the basis for how we behave as guardians of Telenor´s integrity. The Code of Conduct applies to all of us, irrespective of cultural and geographical differences.

As we work to reach our targets and strategic ambitions, it is a clear expectation that everyone in Telenor takes the time to understand the elements of the Code of Conduct and have these as the basis for the way they work. Everyone has ownership and responsibility for doing the right thing, because it is the right thing to do. Integrity, openness and transparency are fundamentals in Telenor. In Telenor we do not compromise with integrity, and I thank each of you for your ongoing commitment to conduct business the Telenor Way!

Best regards,

Sigve Brekke
President and CEO
17 August 2015



Corporate ethics are about how we behave towards each other and the world around us.

Everybody associated with Telenor shall comply with the rules and guidelines that build on Telenor’s basic values. In Telenor, we want everyone to contribute to a sound corporate culture.

Below you will find our Code of Conduct, owned and approved by the Board of Directors of Telenor ASA, published in January 2016

Download Telenor Code of Conduct (PDF)

New Global Ethics & Compliance Hotline


The Ethics and Compliance Hotline is a confidential channel to ask questions and raise concerns about possible breaches of Telenor’s Code of Conduct, including relevant laws, regulations and Governing Documents. The service is accessible via and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can accommodate reports in the local languages of all Telenor’s markets. Any query or report you make will be treated confidentially and respectfully. We encourage employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to speak up through the hotline.