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    “Catch an Idea in the Digital World” Competition Workshops

    A workshop “Catch an Idea in the Digital World” was organized in the Mathematical Grammar School on March 29, for girls attending senior elementary school grades.

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    Easter Charity Sales Exhibition in Telenor’s premises

    On Tuesday, March 27th, 2018, Telenor Expo Centre once again became a gallery for charity sales exhibition of the wards of the “Centre for Placement and Day Care of Developmentally Disabled Children and Youth”.

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    Telenor received Diplomacy and Commerce Award for the best CSR company in Serbia

    For a second year in a row, Telenor received Diplomacy and Commerce Award, for best CSR company in Serbia. Ingeborg Øfsthus, CEO of Telenor Montenegro and Serbia, received the award on behalf of the company.

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    Telenor participated at the conference “Equality is Better for Everyone”

    Conference on gender equality, entitled “Equality is better for everyone”, was organised on the occasion of the Women’s Day on March 8th in the club Fabrika. Conference was organised by IKEA in cooperation with the Coordinating Body for Gender Equality of the Government of Serbia and AFA women’s network. The aim of this event was to point out the advantages of equal inclusion of women in business environment.

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    Technology in Service of Reducing Inequalities

    According to the available data, the Association of Deaf and Persons with Impaired Hearing of Serbia has 130,000 members. Numbers of the National Organisation of Disabled Persons of Serbia are telling us that there are 12,000 registered persons with physical disabilities. A question is then raised how much are modern technologies really accessible to them and how much are they are involved in the process of society’s digitalisation.

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    A Step Towards Accessible Belgrade for People with Disabilities

    According to unofficial assessments, there are around 700,000 people with disabilities living in our country, whereas there are no official data on that. The most frequent problems they are faced with are insufficiently accessible business spaces, entrances, toilettes, space in general and most of the environments in which they spend their time daily.