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    “PhD Ilija Stojanović” Awards for the best students

    Awards “PhD Ilija Stojanović”, have been presented today to best graduate students and authors in telecommunications field, within the celebration of the “Day of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering”. The award was traditionally presented for the twelfth time in a row, by Telenor Foundation.

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    Sports for all in Aleksinac!

    Instead of buying New Year’s presents for its partners, Telenor has supported UNICEF’s initiative and donated one million dinars for the implementation of inclusive sports –recreational program “Sports for All”

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    New Year’s charity sales exhibition in Telenor’s premises

    Charity sales exhibiton of wards of "Centre for Placement and Day Care of Developmentally Disabled Children and Youth" was held on Friday, December 7th in Telenor’s premises.

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    Acquiring digital literacy skills – fundamental right of children in 21st century

    UNICEF, with the support of company Telenor and in cooperation with the Ministry for Education, Science and Technological Development and the Užice Centre for the Child Rights, started a project “Family Safety Net” with the aim of reducing the exposure of the youngest children to online risks.

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    Peer education against digital bullying

    Results of the project „Peer Education against Digital Bullying“ were presented at the closing conference in Velika Plana, held on Friday, September 28, conducted by the civic association “The World of Words”, with the support of Telenor Foundation.

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    This year too Telenor supported UNICEF ”Fair Play” Tournament

    At the traditional UNICEF's ”Fair Play” Tournament in basketball, held last weekend, over 800,000 dinars were collected to support the intensive neonatology care ward and maternity hospital GAK “Narodni Front”.

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    Digital teaching for children from vulnerable groups

    Telenor Foundation, in cooperation with the Roma women association “Hope” (Nada), provided interactive teaching tools as assistance and additional support to students in mastering the beginnings of reading and writing. Association members, pedagogic assistants in Aleksinac, completed training for this type of instruction. The project objective is to increase the number of Roma children who will complete elementary school on the territory of the municipality of Aleksinac.

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    First-graders in 280 elementary schools learning through interactive instruction

    Within the project Improving Digital Literacy with ICT in Primary Schools in Serbia supported by Telenor Foundation, ten elementary schools were equipped with Coprix Interactive Dictionaries, Coprix applications for learning mathematics and English language, interactive whiteboards and tablets.

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    Each fourth pre-school child owns a digital device

    Children are starting using the internet at increasingly earlier age and the parents lack knowledge and skills to protect them from possible bullying, shows a research created within the project “Family Safety Net” conducted by UNICEF, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development and support of Telenor Company.

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    Telenor took part in the Conference “Sustainable Development 2018”

    This year Telenor took part and supported the conference “Sustainable Development 2018”, which was held on Wednesday, May 9th at the Holiday Inn hotel in Belgrade. The conference gathered a great number of companies operating in line with the principles of sustainable development.

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    Telenor Girls' Day Event

    The finals of the contest "Catch the idea in the digital world", organized by the Association of Business Women in Serbia with the support of the Telenor Foundation, got its winners. The competition was held on the occasion of the International Day of Girls in Information and Communication Technologies with the aim of boosting girls in the selection of future professions as well as being encouraged to be guided by personal interests and talents when considering professional orientation.

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    Smart Solar Benches in Velika Plana – Support of Telenor Foundation

    Two smart solar benches, placed on central city locations in Velika Plana will enable citizens to charge their smart devices using solar energy, and will also provide Telenor Internet. The benches were provided by Telenor Foundation, in cooperation with Municipality of Velika Plana.

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    #TrkaZaPetlju: Over 500 Participants from Seven Companies were Running Belgrade Marathon

    Joined around one goal, over 500 participants of Belgrade Marathon ran under the flag of Digital Serbia Initiative. The idea of this action was to jointly express public support and collect funds for further development of free portal, which brings an opportunity for pupils in Serbia to make their first steps in programming.

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    “Catch an Idea in the Digital World” Competition Workshops

    A workshop “Catch an Idea in the Digital World” was organized in the Mathematical Grammar School on March 29, for girls attending senior elementary school grades.

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    Easter Charity Sales Exhibition in Telenor’s premises

    On Tuesday, March 27th, 2018, Telenor Expo Centre once again became a gallery for charity sales exhibition of the wards of the “Centre for Placement and Day Care of Developmentally Disabled Children and Youth”.