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Telenor contributes to raising awareness of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Led by the principles of Goal 10, Reduced Inequalities, within the strategic direction of our responsible business, we strive to support the social integration by providing easy access to communication services. We are supporting and initiating projects that are creating digital solutions, with a clear goal of overcoming the current challenges of Serbian society.

We promote the positive aspects of the Internet in order to reduce a digital bullying. At the same time we are providing education and strengthening the capacity of young people, their parents and teachers to make the Internet a positive experience for them.

We are taking part in response to important social, educational, cultural and health needs at the national level, but also in solvation of problems caused by natural disasters.


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Telenor Foundation supports the development of Serbian society and social integration by providing access to communication services for a number of people, by supporting and initiating creation of digital solutions aimed at overcoming current social challenges and at enabling the development potential of Serbian society.