Online Safety 

Telenor has the ambition to provide communication services to as many people as possible and believes that connecting improves the living conditions of individuals, groups and communities. At the same time, it has an obligation to recognize and eliminate obstacles and risks along the way.

As one of the highest priorities, we represent the safety of children on the Internet and the safe use of communication technologies. As a particularly sensitive group, children deserve great attention and support in order to avoid all dangers and enjoy the safe use of the Internet. We are convinced that the internet enriches the children's world, but we know that the children's need for research brings a number of risks. Therefore, together with experienced partners such as UNICEF, we are actively promoting the safe use of communication technologies among children and teenagers, but also among teachers, parents and caregivers. The main themes are the prevention of digital bullying and the development of a secure online environment.

Under the umbrella of the Telenor Group’s programme “Be Smart Use Heart”, initiatives are being implemented that provide children and parents with information and tools to how to cope with cyberbullying, how to stay safe online and keep mobile devices secure.

More information is available in the English language on the Telenor Group’s website.



Watch the Webinar – Be Safe!

In addition to the very important and respective global partners, local partners play an important role in children’s education on Internet safety.

Thus the "Watch the Webinar - Be Safe!" project was implemented in 2017 educating 10.350 pupils and 1.100 parents and teachers on topics related to recruitment via the Internet, online predators, cyber dens, human trafficking, peer and digital bullying.

Ten webinars that include examples, advice, preventive measures and protection methods are available on Tijana Jurić Foundation’s website.


Family Safety Net

Telenor Serbia has been an active participant in the growing digitalisation of the society ever since the beginning of its operations. That position has provided us with the privilege to act, with help from our partners, and make the Internet a better and safer place, with special focus on children. 

The latest studies conducted by UNICEF show that children start using the Internet for the first time before they turn six. On average, almost 90 percent of them use the Internet 80 minutes each day, and every third child is exposed to some kind of disturbing contents. Studies show that each fourth parent thinks he/she doesn’t have sufficient knowledge to provide adequate support to his/her child in any situation that implies potential danger on the Internet. That’s why one of the main objectives is for 100,000 parents and 2,000 teachers to undergo the training in the next two years. Emphasizing the importance of educating children about safe internet use in the early, pre-school age, in 2017 Telenor and UNICEF launched a "Family Safety Net" project.



Stop Digital Bullying

Telenor is actively engaged in the subject of Internet safety in Serbia since 2012, when the project "Stop Digital Bullying" was launched in partnership with the Ministry of Education and UNICEF. At that time, the innovative concept of this project included peer education, the use of digital communication channels as the closest to young people and solutions that ensure the constant growth of the number of young people with the necessary knowledge.


In order to promote values and positive models of digital communications and encourage the youth to adopt them we created "Choose your words, stop hate speech" FB page with more than 14k likes. During 3 years of the project, various activities were carried out that included about 15,000 students and over 4,000 teachers and parents. A study entitled "Children's safety on the Internet", numerous trainnings and workshops, 2 Facebook competitions, Belgrade Marathon, while national Ambassadors of UNICEF Ana Ivanović, Novak Đoković and many other public personalities supported the project.  In 2015 we have created a first of this kind Facebook app -SOS platform for helping victims of digital bullying.  It enables victims and witnesses of bullying to report it and get the necessary expert help online, while remaining anonymous.

Telenor has also been engaged in other activities related to this topic: availability parental controls for customers, filters for illegal websites with elements of sexual abuse of children in cooperation with Ministry of Interior and launch of the online reporting mechanism.



Telenor Foundation Educated 4,000 Elementary School Students on Good Behaviour on Internet

Telenor Foundation organised an event entitled “Cyber Dictionary” for 4,000 elementary school students in order to educate them on safe behaviour on the Internet. Music-scenic event was organised in partnership with the company Huawei and support of the Ministry for Education, Science and Technological Development, Ministry of the Interior and UNICEF.