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For ten years in Serbia, Telenor is an active participant in the growing digitization of society, in order to make the internet accessible to everyone. Mobile communications worldwide are contributing to social inclusion and are helping people to stay in touch. Communication technologies access is a mean of fighting poverty, illiteracy, poor health and also a mean of helping people to improve their living conditions. One of our main causes is general improvement, we strive to create lasting value in the society by creating and providing access to communications services.



Continuation of cooperation with Ministry of Health and UNICEF Serbia

New Equipment for More Efficient Work of the Roma Health Mediators


Telecenter - First Online Audio-Video Service for Sign Interpreters

Free internet and computers for children with disabilities that are undergoing longer treatment

Computers and Internet at the Children’s Ward of the Rehabilitation Hospital “Dr Miroslav Zotović” “Stay In The Loop” Project – Computers and Internet on the Institute for Mother and Child “Dr. Vukan Čupić"

Internet in schools for all

Computer Equipment and Telenor Internet for the Mionica High School

Internet parks

Telenor helps migrants get connected with their families
Telenor Serbia has set up a free Wi-Fi hot spot at the park near Belgrade's Central Bus Station, as well as in the park in front of the Faculty of Economics, enabling all migrants to get in touch with their families. Access to the Internet is a fundamental right of every person. Mobile connectivity is becoming increasingly important in people’s lives, and it enables an across-the-board social inclusion – especially when it comes to vulnerable groups.

Free Wi-Fi Hot Spots in Belgrade Parks near the Central Bus Station