Planting activities with our employees

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Park at Ada Huja got 1,000 new flower seedlings

In May 2015, Supernatural Park at Ada Huja has been improved with another 1,000 seedlings of the “flowers of life” in Telenor garden, thanks to Telenor employees, representatives of the city of Belgrade, as well as many well-known personalities. Additional 1, 000 seedlings were altogether planted in three Telenor gardens and arranged around the Labyrinth Park in the shape of concentric circles, 10 metres in diameter.

“Telenor garden we have planted today, together with our partners, is the fourth park which Telenor and its employees have presented Belgrade with,” said Erlan Netten, CFO, and added “After the park at Nebojša Tower in Kalemegdan, and the first Labyrinth Park in Serbia, we are continuing with the revitalisation of Ada Huja, this time with flower planting. We have placed this part of town on the green map of Belgrade, hoping to inspire others to take care of their surroundings and contribute to their natural environment.”

Placing of Telenor garden represents a continuation of years’ long cooperation of the Supernatural movement and Telenor. 
“In the previous period we have planted, together with Telenor, parks Nebojša Tower in Kalemegdan, the first Labyrinth in the Supernatural Park at Ada Huja. We are glad that there are companies whose employees understand the importance of projects in the environmental protection and who are willing to personally give their contribution,” said Srđan Stanković, founder of the Supernatural Movement.
After the planting, workshops were organised on the subject of treasure hunt, honeylogy and musicycling. 

Labyrinth Park at Ada Huja

In April 2014, Telenor presented Belgrade with the first Labyrinth Park on Ada Huja, third park in a row that Telenor has presented the capital with within its cooperation with Supernatural.

In the space 26 metres in diameter ligustrum – half evergreen bush, adaptable to all weather conditions was planted and seven benches for resting were placed within the labyrinth itself. The centre of the labyrinth park was decorated with an iron sculpture by the artist Viktor Kiš, which describes the transformation of energy from one form to another.

After the planting, ecological workshops were also organised on three subjects: musicycling, tea and organic food. In partnership with Supernatural, in the past years we have developed parks at Nebojša Tower in Kalemegdan and a garden at Ada Huja.


Supernatural Park at Ada Huja

In April 2013, in the Supernatural park at Ada Huja, on the area of some 500 square metres, Telenor garden was formed with over 700 plants and benches for visitors, thanks to the cooperation of the Company Telenor, Supernatural Movement and the Municipality of Palilula and the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the City of Belgrade. In the garden, which is close to the Danube River bank, within eco workshops, the participants had an opportunity to learn how to make music instruments out of packaging we use every day, engage in watching birds living on Ada Huja, as well as hear suggestions how a man can positively affect his environment. Composer and conductor of the Čarolija Children Choir Leontina, representatives of the Municipality of Palilula, Telenor employees, Supernatural team and Telenor’s business partners planted the first seedlings at Ada Huja.


Eco Park at Nebojša Tower

At the Nebojša Tower in April 2011 some 1,000 bamboo, lavender, buckthorn, jasmine seedlings were planted in cooperation with the Municipality of Stari Grad, Enterprise “Greenery Belgrade”, Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the City of Belgrade and the movement Supernatural. In the space of Donji grad, which covers over 400 square metres, a park with more than 1,000 seedlings was planted by the officials of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, sportsmen, Telenor employees, Supernatural team, biology and ecology students from the Faculty of Biology and Telenor business partners. Telenor also expanded its cooperation with the Supernatural in the Botanical Gardens in Belgrade, and on April 23, 2011 marked the Earth Hour.


Afforestation of Mt. Tara

 Telenor supported campaign of the fund ‘Ecotopia’ “Forest is glowing, forest is singing” and the afforestation drive in the National Park “Tara”, in which 30 Telenor employees took part and planted over 200 seedlings in the mountain part better known as “Požarište”.  We also included our new customers in this drive by giving them a chance to ‘adopt’ a tree by signing the contract and securing its upkeep for one year. In 2009 Telenor continued its cooperation with the first ecology fund “Ecotopia” by supporting the afforestation of the National Park “Tara” and by recycling old mobile phones.