Global goals

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Support new Global Goals and #TellEveryone

Telenor is giving its contribution so that awareness would be raised all over the globe about 17 new Global Goals for sustainable development

World leaders from 193 United Nations member countries, commited to the new UN Sustainable Development Global Goals for the next 15 years.  Our company is an ardent advocate of global sustainable development, catalysed by the mobile technology and connectivity. Through our vision to empower societies, Telenor provides vital infrastructure, new services and products which stimulate progress, change and improvement. Telenor intends to fulfil the promise given to connect 200 million people to the Internet by the year 2017. Our business, solutions, opportunities and services are of vital importance for a better future for everyone.


These goals represent a call to a united action so as to end global problems, such as poverty and hunger, ensure good quality education, improve health and life quality, equality of genders.... Global Goals aspire to stimulate economic growth, development of innovations and infrastructure and for steps to be undertaken aimed at preserving the environment, reducing waste and preserving natural resources.


The strength behind the Global Goals is in the strong viral support and appeals coming from all over the world. The more people learn about the goals, the greater success with which they will be attained.  Apart from Telenor, other global operators, companies and  organisations such as UNICEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, Virgin, Wikipedia, Save the Children, Wikipedia, and  many outstanding individuals support the campaign which promotes Global Goals. You too can give your contribution - #TellEveryone about new #GlobalGoals! 


Play Your Part In The Plan For #BetterFuture