Corporate responsibility

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Responsible business

Mobile communications worldwide are contributing to social inclusion and are helping people to stay in touch. Communication technologies access is a mean of fighting poverty, illiteracy, poor health and also a mean of helping people to improve their living conditions.

That is why we in Telenor will continue creating value for society by providing more people with access to communications services. Over the last tene years, Telenor has been an active participant of the growing digitalization of society, with the aim to make the Internet accessible to everyone. Our success is connected society.

Telenor Foundation

In an effort to provide support to the growth and development of Serbian society, we have established the Telenor Foundation in March 2007. Through strategic and partnership-based projects, we initiate and support effective, sustainable and developmental solutions on the entire territory of Serbia.

Focus of Telenor foundation is to provide and support development of digital solutions in the field of education, social inclusion of vulnerable groups, art and culture and environmental protection. 


Telenor Foundation Educated 4,000 Elementary School Students on Good Behaviour on Internet

Telenor Foundation organised an event entitled “Cyber Dictionary” for 4,000 elementary school students in order to educate them on safe behaviour on the Internet. Music-scenic event was organised in partnership with the company Huawei and support of the Ministry for Education, Science and Technological Development, Ministry of the Interior and UNICEF.



Global Compact

Telenor d.o.o. is part of a global initiative for connecting socially responsible companies with UN agencies, the business sector, governments and civil society.

The largest global voluntary initiative in the world, called UN Global Compact, was launched in order to enhance the ten universally accepted principles for the protection of human and labor rights, preserve the environment and fight corruption. Telenor contributes to raising awareness throughout the world on 17 new global sustainable development goals.


Responsible Business Forum

Telenor Srbija is a member of the Responsible Business Forum (RBF). The RBF is a network of prominent companies that contribute to the development of the community by encouraging the development of corporate social responsibility and establishing durable and stable socially responsible practices in the business sector.

The Forum is a platform that connects business leaders with representatives of other parts of society, thereby encouraging inter-sectorial dialogue, cooperation and exchange of positive experiences. The RBF develops practical and sustainable solutions in all four areas that constitute the pillars of corporate social responsibility: the local community, the environment, work environment and the market.