Call specification


Business Portal represents Telenor Internet portal created for all legal persons, users of Telenor network. It offers a number of functionalities for efficient control and analysis of the use of company mobile phones, as well as centralized approach to additional services. The Business Portal service is accessed via login page on the Internet, by entering the username and password.
You can access the application Call specification only via the Business Portal.
Call Specification is a detailed list of voice calls, GPRS connections, SMS and MMS messages initiated from any of company subscription numbers within a single accounting period. You are able to see Single specification (for individual phone number) and Complete specification (for all company numbers). It is also possible to download Call specifications and import them into Microsoft Excel file which afterwards you can independently edit in any of your own database. Instructions for specifications download and import into Microsoft Excel are also available at the portal.
The specification of implemented traffic available at Business Portal web portal is a review of implemented traffic and it is available on the 7th of a month for last 12 months (from the first to the last date of the previous month). The specification for the running month is not available. Usage of Call Specification option is free of charge.
In view of the fact that the Law on the Protection of Personal Data applies to Telenor service call specification, we kindly ask you to bear in mind the following facts:
  • Subscriber contract for legal persons implies that call specifications are personal data if the phone number for which they have been issued is used by a physical person with an employee status with an employer, for business and personal purposes.
  • An employer, as holder of the contract relation with Telenor, is entitled to obtain call specification covered by the contract.
  • The employer has no right to use the call specification for purposes other than those for which it has been prepared, since it can represent a violation of the right to secrecy of personal data of both the employee and a person the employee had been communicating with.
  • Telenor shall not be responsible for any form of processing of data from the call specification by an employer after it has been taken over, nor for any damages that may be inflicted on the user or third party in relation to the use of call specification.
  • By accepting these terms you are assuming the responsibility for handling the personal data in a manner laid down by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.