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  • Dodaj sve
  • Dodaj za sve mreže
  • Doda priču i poruke


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3 months of free internet for WhatsApp


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Promotion is valid until 02.09.2015.



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  • The promotion is valid for all prepaid customers who activate their new subscriber number in the period from 15.06. until 02.09.2015.
    A discount of 50% last 31 days from the time of activation of the SIM card and it is valid for tariff Add-ons DODAJ SVE, DODAJ PRIČU, DODAJ PRIČU I PORUKE, DODAJ KA SVIM MREŽAMA, as well as for the KLIK Internet tariff add-ons.
    Send *111# and get information of the add-ons with 50% discount.


    Unlimited internet for WhatsApp is valid for 3 months from the moment of activation of Telenor prepaid SIM card in domestic traffic, and does not include access to external links within or outside the WhatsApp environment.


  • Tariff add-ons with 50% discount you can activate  by going to My Menu *111#  or by application Moj Telenor. Activation for tariff add-ons with discount is possible in first 31 days of activated SIM card.


    By activating the subscriber number in the period June 15, 2015 until September 02, 2015, new customers automatically receive 3 months of unlimited Internet for WhatsApp starting from day od SIM card activation. 


  • Find your Telenor prepaid 200 – prepaid package with all services included.