Mobile portal Dobre Stvari

Take your good stuff - Dobre Stvari wherever you go!!
Mobile portal Dobre Stvari enables users to read the news, follow social networks and much more on their mobile devices, even when they are not near a PC. All widgets a user connects on will appear in the portal mobile version also. Dobre Stvari is intended for all Internet users, irrespective of the mobile network they are using and the country from which they read the published contents.
How to access mobile version of Dobre Stvari?
Very simply! The user only needs to enter the address in the web browser on his mobile device. Before logging in, the user will see contents, which are the same for all unlogged users too. Telenor users do not have to login if they want to quickly check the status of their account because the system will automatically recognise them. If a user wants an adjusted survey of news he has picked himself on the web, he needs to login to the system, which will then automatically adjust the presentation of wanted sources.
If the user is not registered, he first needs to register over the web portal after which he can login to the mobile site.
Who is the mobile portal Dobre Stvari intended for?
For absolutely everyone, irrespective of the device they use! We have ensured that the portal functions both on modern smartphones and tablets, as well as with old WML phones. In addition, a user of the portal doesn’t have to also be the user of Telenor network, it’s only important that he has an Internet connection and is ready for Dobre Stvari!
What can a user find on Dobre Stvari
  • My Info – on this page a user can read news from sources he has selected. The page is adjusted to each user separately by showing only those news sources the user has activated on the web portal. This, among others, includes news and sports news from several sources, horoscope, sport results, health, music, etc.
  • My networks  – Facebook, Twitter, e-mail... and all that at one place! You only need to select and connect corresponding widgets on the web and the mobile portal will make sure that all these services are always available to the user.
  • Market – buying music, games and applications, as well as other mobile phone contents was never quicker and simpler.
  • Service Info – here you can find that information a user always wants to have near him – important phones, holidays and non-working days, reports of Lotto draw results, traffic information, useful links, etc.
  • My Telenor – on this page users of Telenor network can see the most important information about their account, such as tariff package, current debt, last bill and, in addition, can activate offers and tariff add-ons..
How are widgets set?
Mobile version of Dobre Stvari has been designed so that a user can get the wanted information as fast as possible. That’s why all information the user wants to have on his Dobre stvari are generated automatically based on widgets the user has previously activated on the web portal . If the user is not logged in, he will get the standard presentation of contents, which is the same for everyone.