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With Telenor Market service you can download your favorite music, games and other entertainment applications for your new phone.

Whether you're prepaid or postpaid, on the www.dobrestvari.rs portal you will be able to bind your Facebook, Twitter or email account with the portal and you'll always be in touch with friends on the Internet..

Closer to everything important to you
Internet portal Dobre stvari is intended for all users of the Internet irrespective of the mobile network they are using and the country from which they read the published contents.  
Users can access the portal over their PCs and tablets at the address www.dobrestvari.rs , and with their mobile phones over m.dobrestvari.rs
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  • Closer to everything important to you
    nternet portal Dobre stvari is intended for all users of the Internet irrespective of the mobile network they are using and the country from which they read the published contents.
    Users can access the portal over their PCs and tablets at the address http://www.dobrestvari.rs/, and with their mobile phones over m.dobrestvari.rs.
    The user must register so as to able to use the portal. Registration consists of three simple steps. In the first step you have to enter your user name (feel free to select any name (only if it is not already taken)), portal access password, valid e-mail address and your phone number. All these data are obligatory and will be used only to create an account on the portal.
    The second step is confirmation of entered e-mail address by clicking on the link in the e-mail sent to the given address.
    The third step is confirming the given phone number by entering the code from the SMS message sent to that number. These steps enable the use of numerous functionalities intended exclusively for Telenor users, which is why they are obligatory only for them.
    Note: Username, e-mail address and telephone number are unique for each profile. It is not possible to use any of those parameters to create multiple user profiles on the portal.
  • Visually, the site is divided into three parts:
    • heading, 
    • left site part intended for users of Telenor network, and
    • central part with widgets.


    Heading of Dobre stvari
    This part of the site contains data that the user enters when registering and where basic adjustments for site appearance can be set.
    The user can enter the following data in order to personalise his portal: name and surname, avatar (profile illustration), data on his interests, user gender and date of birth. Apart from these data, the user can change the portal access code, e-mail address or delete the profile. Here, the user can also select widgets to be shown on the site, as well manage the adjustments in his account on the portal.
    Here, the user can also visually adapt the way the site looks to his liking by selecting one of the offered themes.
    Left part of the site 
    is intended for users of Telenor network who register and where they can activate or deactivate individual services on their own, bearing in mind their consumption or remaining traffic from the tariff package or prepaid campaign, see the call specification, buy tariff add-ons, see additional equipment for their phone, send SMS or resolve dilemmas about their handset or some Telenor product with the service “Ask – don’t wonder”, look up information about their phone or adjust it for gprs and mms services.
    Each user can make the central part look the way it suits him for using the widgets.
  • These are small programmes which upload and show a specific type of information from the internet, such as news, music top lists, weather data...
    Widgets that users of Dobre stvari site can select are numerous and we are constantly working on introducing new sources of information. The following widgets are waiting for users: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin (over which the user can check his accounts on social networks), then Gmail, Yahoo or some POP3 mail account for checking mails, then the Blic daily, Blic sport, Films, Supersport, Bravo, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Doktor.rs, Horoscope, Exchange rate list, Live results, weather forecast, Yumama, MTV and many other.
    The position of widgets on the site can be changed so that, at any moment, the user can adapt the page the way he wants it. For example, just have the news on the top of the page and social networks at the bottom, or the other way round. The look of the page is not defined and it can look just as the user wants it to.
    On the Dobre stvari site there is a modern shop of digital contents, where registered users will be able to buy the latest music hits, games, applications, ringtones, animations, photos...
    Below you can see an overview of some of the activated widgets...