With MiFi or USB modem, enjoy in twice as much surfing with friends.

Select MiFi or USB modem with SURFUJ PLUS packages and Telenor will double your quantity of gigabytes in internet tariff package in the next year. Create your personal WiFi hotspot with your MiFi and you’ll always have internet access at any place, but also enough gigabytes to share them with as many as 10 friends at the same time, on any device!


And that’s not all. With Internet tariff packages you’ll have at your disposal as many as 25 million songs at any moment, in Deezer music service.”



  • Deezer
  • SURFUJ PLUS packages
    With new Telenor SURFUJ PLUS packages with unlimited Internet, you can now be online as much as you want, wherever you are!
    Imagine being able to take with you your favourite songs on your tablet PC or PC and, in addition, always being able to hear something new. In this exclusive offer we are presenting SURFUJ PLUS packages, with which you get one of the largest music listening services, Deezer. 
    Deezer has a base with over 25 million tracks, 30 thousand different radio stations and is currently used by as many as 30 million people all over the world. From now on all your favourite performers at one place
    Pick your internet solution with new  Internet SURFUJ PLUS packages and enjoy free music streaming with Deezer application. Deezer is unique by enabling you to listen to the music even when you are not on line. 

    More information on Deezer service.


    * The service Deezer music is included in the subscription for packages Surfuj Plus L and Surfuj Plus XL, whereas for packages Surfuj Plus S and Surfuj Plus M it is enabled with the activation of tariff add-on. 


  • New Telenor internet tariff package SURFUJ PLUS
    Now you can get laptop or tablet computers from the big Telenor offer at great prices, pick new tariff packages SURFUJ PLUS with unlimited Internet and Deezer music included!

    You will surf at full throughput speeds, and when you use up the envisaged quantity of megabytes from your package, you can continue using the Internet till the end of the month without paying any fee, at reduced throughput speeds.


    Select a package that suits you most and start surfing!

    Tariff package Monthly subscription Internet access Full speed GB Maximum transfer rates*** Deezer music
    Download Sending
    SURFUJ PLUS XL 2.190,00 Unlimited** 36 GB 42 Mbps 5.76 Mbps Included*
    SURFUJ PLUS L 1.690,00 Unlimited** 24 GB 42 Mbps 5.76 Mbps Included*
    SURFUJ PLUS M 1.290,00 Unlimited** 12 GB 21 Mbps 5.76 Mbps add-on
    SURFUJ PLUS S 690,00 Unlimited** 3 GB 7.2 Mbps 2 Mbps add-on

    All prices are given in dinars, VAT included. Traffic is charged by rounding to 1KB. All internet traffic, included in the subscription, are valid only for use within Telenor Serbia’s network, where as roaming is charged under standard postpaid roaming price list.