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Since Telenor came to the Serbian market, we have strived to be a responsible and reliable partner of a community that more than a thousand of our employees live and work. All our activities affect them, just as they affect our customers, partners, the environment and the society.


Our greatest strength and motivation lie in our expertise in the area of digital communications, as well as in our sincere belief that we are building our common future on the foundations of technological innovation not only as a business partners, but as full-fledged members of the community.


For this reason, we encourage our partners to join us in developing digital-based initiatives that overcome key challenges in crucial areas such as education, inclusion of socially vulnerable groups, culture and arts, as well as environmental protection. At the same time, since we are aware of the potential threats of the Internet, we are focused on education and safe usage of the Internet, especially when it comes to children.


By combining the efforts of our employees and experts from various fields and by ensuring institutional support, we aim to secure long-term effects of all our activities.

Ingeborg Øfsthus,
Telenor CEO and
Telenor Foundation Managing Board Chairman
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  • Ingeborg Øfsthus, Chief Executive Officer of Telenor Serbia and Chairman of the Telenor Foundation Managing Board. 
    Since 1998, Ingeborg has held several technology management positions in Telenor Operations in Germany, Thailand and Norway. In addition, she has worked in various Telenor Group positions, including establishing and leading Telenor Group CTO forum. She has been with Telenor Serbia since 2012, holding CTO position.Ingeborg has experience with starting two greenfield mobile operations, and has built up extensive experience across both network and IT domain in her various roles. Ingeborg holds a degree of Master of Science in Electronic Communications from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Years of experience in a various countries added valuable knowledge on working across multiple cultures.
    Darinka Radojević, Acting Assistant Director at the Directorate for eGovernment. 
    Ms. Darinka Radojević holds MBA degree from Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade. During the years she gained valuable experience in business and education sector, and is specialised in coordination of multidisciplinary projects, cooperation with government institutions, local self-government and civil society. As a Head of the Group for Sustainable Development within the office of vice president of European Integration Office Ms. Radojević gain experience in the fields of environment and sustainable development, and in the period from 2008 to July 2011 she was the Secretary of the Council for Sustainable Development. Two books she edited were published and she is the author of many trainings and seminars in the field of sustainable development.
    Vladimir Bumbaširević, Rector of the University of Belgrade.
    Professor Bumbaširević́ is a full professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade and as of 2009 member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, member of different national and international medical associations, author of over 70 scientific papers, co-author and editor of 2 books and 3 monographs. Except in scientific work, the rich experience gained he applied  in active participation in a large number of European projects (TEMPUS, FP6, etc.)
    Robert Čoban, President of the Color Press Group.
    Started his journalistic career as Novi Sad correspondent of the Belgrade “Večernje novosti“; Zagreb “Arena“ and Sarajevo “Naši dani“. Today he is a head of Color Press Group, largest publisher of magazines in the region, with companies in all six republics - 64 magazines, 11 internet portals and over 50 conferences a year. The company portfolio includes numerous licensed names: “The Economist“, “Hello!“, “Brava Casa“, “Bravo“, “Alan Ford“, “Grazia“, “Jamie Oliver Magazine“ and number of others.
    Marija Vujanić, Corporate Communications and External Affairs Director, Telenor d.o.o.
    With more than 13 years of working in public relations and CR area, Marija is experienced communication leader. She has been with Telenor for 3 years, leading Corporate Communications and External Affairs Department. Prior these assignment, Marija was working for years as a Client Service Director at one of the leading PR agency in Serbia, than appointed as a PR and Citizenship Lead in Microsoft Serbia, and also was Executive Director of Ecotopia Fund focused on sustainability.
    Milica Begenišić, Manager of Telenor Foundation and Corporate Responsibility and Events Manager in Telenor d.o.o.
    For 14 years of working in telecommunications, while working in various sectors of the company, Milica gained rich experience. From customer service through marketing to corporate communications, she cooperated with a number of external associates and government institutions. Over the years, through the organization of corporate events she actively participated in the initiation and implementation of CR projects of Telenor and Telenor Foundation.

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