Account Balance Check

You can check the status of your postpaid or prepaid Telenor internet bill in one of the following ways:

  • by dialling Telenor Contact Centre at 063 9000
  • by sending a free SMS reading “STA” to number 9000 (you can also send the message  using SMS application within Telenor Internet modems),



  • Portal Moj Telenor
  • Application Moj Telenor
  • SMS
  • Balance of your Telenor Internet prepaid and postpaid accounts can be viewed through the portal Moj Telenor.





  • If you are a user of SURFUJ packages on tablet PC, you can also check the status over the Application "Moj Telenor".  


  • By sending SMS message reading STA to number 9000


    You can send the SMS message using modem application – over Telenor internet modem. By sending this SMS, you get a return SMS with information on the remaining number of unused MBs in your tariff package and information on the current debt, excluding subscription, promotions and VAT.


    This message is free of charge. 




    • We recommend that you do the verification of the current status with SMS after the link (connection) with Internet is over, so that a user could have insight into the remaining number of free megabytes (MB) and his current debt. The provided data are updated several times a day and within 24 hours, at the latest.
    • Bill status verification in roaming is charged under the valid roaming price list.