Reading MMS Messages

Dear Subscriber,
Telenor has enabled you to send and receive MMS messages, which in addition to text can also contain color photographs, polyphone melodies, audio files, as well as a combination of these.
If your handset supports the MMS service, but you could not read the sent MMS message, it is likely that your MMS service has not been activated. For the charge-free activation of this service please call our Call Center at 063 9863 and ask for the MMS service to be activated.
If an MMS message has been sent to you to a handset that does not support this service, you can view the arrived MMS message by visiting this Web page and entering the password that you receive by SMS every time that an MMS message has been sent to you.
If you have any problems regarding access to your MMS message, you can find detailed instructions on the MMS page.
In order to view the arrived MMS message, enter the password that you received by SMS in the field below, as well as your telephone number.
You can view arrived MMS message only one time.
Phone number:
NOTE: in order to send an MMS message you need to have a telephone that supports MMS communications and you need to activate the MMS service by calling 063/9000.
If you have any problems receiving MMS messages or the page will not load, you should call the Call Center at 063 9863, or contact