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While we are planting seeds and growing roots, giving Belgrade more new parks, we are giving our students the opportunity to reap the fruits of knowledge in our company.
Telenor’s current internship program that you heard about until now, or you have completed, will now be completely changed. We are keeping the good things, adding something better – and it is all accomplished by help of students who successfully completed our program. By building themselves, and us, building ourselves along the way, these 29 people helped us, during the first year of Telenor’s internship program, to make The Right Step. Check out what it is about.
The Right Step – Telenor’s new internship program
The Right Step still has a goal of motivating people who are ambitions, dynamic, with winning attitude, ready to constantly move boundaries and want to have their successes exposing them in the crowd. In return, Telenor offers a possibility to a selected group of candidates to get the first relevant working experience in the fields they have completed their studies in.
Two models of internship offer professional improvement to students:
  1. Junior model:
    This model is meant for students who have internship in their regular school program, to those with the possibility of having flexible working hours, who want to know real corporate environment or just want to get working experience. Terms to apply:
      • Final year of studies, completed basic university education, or higher level completed or still on-going
      • GPA 8 and more
      • Pre selection of candidates is done by Career development center in Belgrade (
      • Final selection and recruitment is done by Telenor
      • Program lasts up to 3 months
      • Financial compensation – none
  2. Senior model:
    This model is meant for students who have time to dedicate fully to this program and are available for full time engagement, want to know corporate culture, meet professional working environment, tasks but also all benefits of working for the company. Terms to apply:
      • Basic studies completed (or one exam to completion), or higher degree of education completed or on-going
      • Available for full time engagement
      • GPA 8.5 and more
      • Complete process of recruitment and selection is under Telenor
      • Program lasts up to 12 months
      • Financial compensation – salary and benefits
Follow this link and see open positions for internship program.
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