SMS from Outlook - Another Innovation from Telenor

Telenor enables its subscribers to send SMS and MMS messages from a computer

February 8, 2008 – As of today, Telenor subscribers can use the new service “SMS through Outlook”, which will enable them to send SMS and MMS messages from their computers by using Microsoft Outlook.

This “SMS through Outlook“ service enables users who spend most of their working hours working with their computers, not to interrupt their work to write a message on a phone, but to send a message using their computer, as if it were an e-mail. A message receiver will have an insight into the sender’s phone number, as if it had been sent from a mobile phone.

In order to use this service, it is necessary to download for free a programme with a simple installation method within Microsoft Outlook from Telenor’s web site

All users who start using this new service within the promo period, before March 31, will be granted 20 free-of-charge SMS and 5 MMS messages in the national traffic.

The price of an SMS message sent in this manner is RSD2 in the national traffic, while an MMS will be charged RSD10. In the international traffic, messages are charged according to the standard price list.

These prices do not include VAT.