Jobs in Telenor

At Telenor, we demand a lot from our employees. At the same time, we are probably one of the most interesting and challenging workplaces.


Talking about how fast changes happen has, over the last ten years, become cliché. In telecommunications, which is our industry, we observe how large user groups and whole markets suddenly want a completely new technology from one day to the next. Or we may see a competitor announcing completely new products that will have profound repercussions on our own activities, only a couple of weeks before the products actually hit the markets.


The reality that Telenor is part of leaves little time to reflect on such changes. Our resources are focused entirely on identifying changes, and on acting in accordance with them in an ongoing process that imposes huge demands on our organisation and our people. Key concepts are: adaptability, curiosity and a keen interest in technology. If you feel that you belong in an environment where terms and conditions remain constant from day to day, and where business plans are long-term, we believe there are other companies that will suit you better.


For those that do fit in, the opportunities are legion. The many of projects and networks at Telenor are sure to stimulate employees who are capable of acting on their instincts and who recognise the potential that lies in the organisation. Our products and solutions know no geographical borders, and as a consequence a whole world of job-opportunities is opening up.